March 3, 2011

Living the *GOOD* life :)

Life IS good at every turn:).
............because GOD is good.

There’s just too many times I only think of me
‘Cause I get so consumed with my opportunities 
When my last breath brings me to the feet of God
I want to hear him say I lived for his glory

We are his story, we are his song
A beautiful melody that shows the world his love
When we’re on this journey, when we’re on this road
We are a part of the greatest story ever told
-Addison Road

 I was praying with my daughter tonight and somewhere in the middle she threw in this:
                                 “Help me to have a good life with mommy tomorrow”

To her?  A day might as well BE a lifetime!  It made me stop and think----did I LIVE my life today?   Was I really LIVING life?  (as it was MEANT to be lived....ABUNDANTLY)

 LIVING life one day at a time being *FULLY* alive.  

Squeezing the last little bit of *LIFE* we can out of each day.
Knowing that Divine purpose is driving us.  And that there is not a moment of our existence that hasn't been left untouched by His sovereign hand.

Being always grateful for the goodness that surrounds us.

Giving without hesitation….loving without reservation.  

Letting something good be said of you....and of every moment.  Living life out-LOUD DELIBERATELY and *ON PURPOSE* !!!!

Knowing His goodness and mercy are chasing after us ALL the days of our lives. Living life….one day at a time!
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