November 7, 2011

A Symphony of Sounds

Oh, the sounds that fill my home!! 
When more than one child is playing an instrument at the same time, one is giggling and running through the house, another is singing
....and all of the seemingly endless monkey chatter that seems to reach every room:)
.......All of it reminds me of what it is like to sit through an orchestra tuning their instruments ALL at the same time! HAHA! And yet?!?!------it's music to my ears:) 
I am grateful for the small things!!!:) 
 Every note played, every giggle, every word ---at all decibels, every moment, every story, every sound, every tear, every song, every conversation, every single thing they come running to me with from the least significant to the greatest.
......My life is FULL and I am a blessed mama:)......My "cup runneth over:)" 
....without it all my life would be awfully quiet and I don't wanna miss a single thing.
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