February 1, 2012

When the enemy comes in like a flood

 Jesus sent the disciples to cross the sea on their own only to encounter a storm that would terrify the most skilled and accomplished sailor. They find Jesus walking on water towards them and Peter suddenly forgets about the storm and thinks that's pretty incredible. (Maybe he could walk on water too.) Jesus says, "Okay....get out of the boat." Peter begins to walk on water towards Jesus, but suddenly remembers the storm surrounding them that threatened their very existence. The waves begin to engulf him and pull him under when they lost sight of Jesus and began to drown. 
......Except......the Master of the wind.....the Master of the Sea was VERY near and hadn't lost sight of HIM. He was so near that He grabbed Peter's hand and wouldn't allow him to be taken under.
He. Wouldn't. ALLOW. Him. to. be. consumed. by. the. waves.
...............and where Peter's lack of faith failed him....where Peter's strength of heart failed him.....
Jesus stepped in.
He's very near. He's a very present help in time of need.
You may find yourself overwhelmed by a flood of unforeseen circumstances. Then find the Peace and confidence in what you DO know. We know this!!!
...... the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). and that when he comes in like a flood--the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight!
(Isaiah 59:19) and that nothing that comes against you will accomplish it's purposes (Isaiah 54:17) because GREATER is He that is FOR you than anything that comes against you! (1 John 4:4).
You may be surrounded on every side but will never find yourself crushed; you may feel at a loss and unable to find an answer. But you'll never be driven to despair. You may feel pursued but never will you be deserted to stand alone! You may be struck down to the ground, but you will never be struck out and destroyed!!!!!!! (2 Corinthians 4:8-9) You may feel pressed in on every side as if the next wave is the one that's gonna take you under! But take HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...it. will. not. ever. consume. you!!!!!!!
Because Your Savior is very near and will draw you up out of the waters if He has to!!!!!
........and there's nothing in your limited knowledge, limited power that you could possibly do to change your circumstances.....but *GOD*:)....... in His foreknowledge, sovereignty and PERFECT wisdom already has your answers. He knows the end of your story---- It's HIS story:) He wrote it. There is no earthly reason BIG enough to ever doubt Him for a second that He's got your BEST interest at the very center of His heart every moment of every day  You couldn't BE in better hands! So if you find yourself in a flood?!?!?!?! Take your shoes off and wade in the water and thank Him for an opportunity to see Him SHOW UP and *COME TO YOUR RESCUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* One step at a time towards deliverance! Find the JOY and praise Him in all of it ......and wait for your God, your Deliverer, Your Savior to come through...........for YOU!!!!!! He will EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!!!!!:)