March 24, 2012

Look *UP* :)

Oh YES!!!!!!!!!!!! A new favorite!!!!!! :D LOVE me some new music!!!!!
There is NOT ever ANY *earthly* reason great enough to hang your head!!!!! Lift your head and SEE it :) Purpose! Destiny! Grace! Mercy! Blessings! JOY! Peace! He's lifting you to HEIGHTS *BEYOND* all that *IS* and all that you see. That's temporary. What's ETERNAL is where it's AT!!!!!!!! That's where it all just WORKS :) It's ALL good when you find yourself THERE!!! Take your eyes off what IS and lift your head and see the TRUTH that TRUMPS it all :) (THIS song made me SMILE!!! :))

Ever Lifting by Christy Nockles

Up on the heights, oh oh
You let me go, oh oh
You make my heart to rise from the depths below …

You hold me up, oh oh
So I can see, oh oh
You're ever lifting me …
You're ever lifting me …

You're lifting my head so I know You're near me
You're lifting my eyes so I see You clearly
Where I belong…You are where I belong
I'm lifting my voice just to sing a new song
I'm lifting my hands just to show You I know where I belong …
You're where I belong …
You are ever lifting me …
You are ever lifting me …

You fill my heart to know, the length of Your great love
And where You go I'll go, You set my heart above
And nothing on earth compares, Oh God when I'm with You
You take me higher, You take me higher

March 11, 2012

It *IS* what it *IS*

"It is what it is"
(that's what "they" say!!! ;)) 
Maybe so! But it is NOT what it shall BE! 
............and THIS. Too. Shall. Pass! 
We are so quick to resign ourselves to the circumstances we find ourselves in. We feel oppressed under the weight of what "IS" and forget the Truth of what *TRUMPS* all that "IS"!!!!!!!  
So if you find yourself under a load of circumstances and care? Get out from underneath there! and....TAKE HEART :) Remind yourself of all that He is and all that He's already done and yet to do on your behalf! You may feel pressed on every side but it will not crush you. You may find yourself in need of answers and weary of the battle but you will not be driven to despair. You may feel pursued but you have not been deserted nor left to stand alone. You may be struck down to the ground, but you are NOT struck out and destroyed. It will not EVER consume you. 2 Corinthians 4:8-12
 *THIS* is the Promise we have in Him that TRUMPS all that *IS* :).....In Me you may have perfect peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]!!!!!!!!! For I have overcome the world. I have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you. John 16:33 
That's GOOD news!!!!

March 9, 2012

*BELIEVE* it ....or NOT

"No doubt restrains all You are"!!!!-Hillsong  
*THAT'S* the Greatness of OUR God!!!!!!!

Whether you believe Him or not His Word remains to be SUREST thing you can stand on.

Your doubt doesn't change who He is and what He can do!

  It WILL however rob you of your peace. 

 TRUST Him. He is a GREAT God. And wants to do GREAT things for YOU. Doubt Him if you will.....He is ALL that He says He is and will NEVER change.

Take Him at His word. He's good for it! :)
 (believe it....or NOT)

All evidence CAN and WILL be used against you!

The enemy doesn't realize that all that he throws against you only becomes evidence admissible in court (so to speak)......finding him guilty as charged with intent to

*steal*, *kill* and *destroy*.
It brings with it an opportunity to present all the evidence in YOUR favor on behalf of the *King of Kings* 

                                   ......................who is on YOUR side defending YOU, protecting you and making

*ALL* things work for your good!!!!!!! 

Greater is HE that is *FOR* you
than the one who is against you. Take all he comes at you with and be DETERMINED to use it against him. Because you WILL see things turn in YOUR favor. So Stop looking at, dwelling on, and talking about what the enemy is doing and start looking at and talking about what God has already DONE and is ABOUT to do on your behalf! You are giving the devil FAR too much attention and recognition and forgetting the most important thing in YOUR favor!!!!!..................He that is *FOR* you is FAR greater than the one who is against you!!!!! He's powerless against such a GREAT God!!!

....................who is VERY much on YOUR side!!!!!!  

Lift your head and see your Savior and Deliverer! Help is on the way even NOW!!!! In your waiting He is working even still. So turn your cries of complaint against the adversary into cheers of Victory for the One who is on YOUR side!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's already won this ....for YOU!  

Our lives should be a TESTIMONY that God is who He says He is and display evidence to that fact.  
 We are a blessed people and we should act, talk, and LIVE like we are!!!!!!   

The devil might as well pack it UP!

Make Him Famous

The other night we were reading the story of the two men who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus. No matter who it was that had an encounter with Jesus...they all had a similar response....

*they just had to tell somebody*! 

And because of their testimony-MANY came to know Him. We are responsible for the revelations we have been given. About God's word. About who He is. His character. The things He has done for you and on your behalf. It ALL becomes a part of your testimony

Your life is a testimony that speaks to all that God is. Now that you have the knowledge of who He is and the evidence to back it bear the responsibility to share it. To make Him famous. To make His name GREAT. It all points to Him and its YOUR testimony. Your life's testimony is evidence on display that God is who He says He is. You are a part of the GREATEST story ever told. You can sit on it and keep it to yourself...or you can take it and run with it. I say "run"!  
Let's GO!!!!!!......and make Him famous.

"What matters most to me is to finish what God started: the job the Master Jesus gave me of letting everyone I meet know all about this incredibly extravagant generosity of God". Acts 20:24

You're a King's Kid

The devil is a DEFEATED foe!!!!! 

Your life is not hanging in the balance of a tug-of-war against your enemy and your God. GOD has already won this for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! He paid an expensive and extravagant price for your freedom, redemption, deliverance and healing!!!!!!!!
 And yet we live as though we've been defeated.

*HE'S STILL IN CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* He's the BIG dog. ;) *HE* has the last word!!!!!!!!!! The final say. 

There is never anything that comes against you that you won't find Him Greater still!

And what's MORE---He's given YOU the authority over the enemy. Use the authority given to YOU in Jesus' name and send him packin'!!! Put him to flight!!!!! Then walk in the victory that is RIGHTFULLY yours!!!! 

You're a Kings kid walking in Kingdom purposes and under the authority and protective care of the King himself and He's given you that same authority to put the enemy in his place!!!!!!

Each day custom made

This day was already prepared ahead of time....filled with good things:) and Divine opportunities and appointments. You'll find that He's strategically placed them in the most brilliant places. At the grocery store. At the post office. At the bank. At the park. In your home:) He's giving YOU an opportunity to bless. Be a light. Be goodness. Be a testimony. And to enjoy fully this day that He prepared for YOU. If you're not careful you'll miss every single moment. But if you learn to recognize those moments you can BE the very thing that someone is in need of this very day and enjoy each day to its fullest.  Make the most of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's IN you!

If we are called to be "change agents" in this world then we must realize we have a choice before us today!!! We can choose to be influenced by the people and those things that surrounds us or we can *INFLUENCE* the very atmosphere and people that cross our paths today.

Be a *LIGHT*:)
 BE Goodness. BE JOY. BE Peace. BE Grace. BE Love.

                                          It's in YOU.

 He put it in there---on PURPOSE :) So that HIS goodness would penetrate the darkness!!!!

Live like THAT!

Just imagine....
if we actually *LIVED* like God's Grace was enough. 
That His Word was enough. He was GREAT enough. He was STRONG enough. What Jesus did at the cross was ENOUGH
Just imagine....if we lived like God was all He SAID He was and is and always will be.
  Not only would we live in all the abundance of LIFE He promised?
 But our testimony would be POWERFUL evidence that could influence and CHANGE the world. 
*LIVE* like that!!!!........and BE His testimony.