June 29, 2012

A compass for your journey

When the waves start to crash in on you and life starts to disorient you....know THIS. 
If you have anchored yourself in the Word of God then the Spirit inside of you will be your gyroscope providing a steady course and a fixed orientation always bringing you back to where you were headed.
 God is JUST as *GREAT* in the storm as He is when all is still.  He's just as *GREAT* in the valley as He is on the mountain!! He was GREAT yesterday and GREAT still tomorrow! He's the same God today as He was yesterday and His word never CHANGES. It's unbreakable, unshakable, steadfast and immovable. And He is GREATER in YOU than anything that could ever come against you or threaten to shake your confidence OR your faith! No matter where you find yourself TODAY there is an ANCHOR and a confidence you have....a SURE thing. It's that HE remains the same no matter how insecure LIFE and circumstances may be. So if you're hope is in HIM and you've placed ALL your bets on HIS WORD that will never FAIL you then YOU can be unshakable, immovable, unbreakable and steady in the most TRYING of times. If He is FOR you then who or WHAT could ever stand against YOU!? Be resolute in your faith and determined to believe in spite of what things may LOOK like.
 You can remain steady and focused with peace and presence of mind no matter how strong the waves are that threaten to throw you off course. The Truth of God's word will be what continues to guide you and peace will govern your way in spite of the storm.
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