November 3, 2012

Catch the Wave


When a wave is coming at you, you have TWO choices.......

GO UNDER.........................

or CATCH the wave and *RIDE* it!

In Acts chapter 8 we read about persecution that had comes against the church. The people were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria.  But we see something unfold here throughout the story......The attacks of the enemy facilitated God's plan.  Looking back to Acts chapter 1 we see that it was God's plan all along.  Acts 1:8 "You will be my witness in Judea and Samaria...."  They didn't leave Jerusalem until persecution HIT.  That could have been the end of their testimony.......but instead it was a vehicle for the Gospel to be preached.  The enemy may have meant it for evil but it was God's assignment that came to fruition.

Remember the story of Esther?  Haman had one thing in mind for the Jewish people but God had other plans. God's plans are always unfolding.  God has something in mind in every situation.  Don't panic.  Ride the wave and see God's redemptive plan unfold as you continue to Trust HIM.

Psalm 139:16
ALL the days of my life ordained for ME were written in your Book before even ONE of them came to be.

He is GOD and He is SOVEREIGN over *EVERY* one of your days.  EVERY season.  And He is ALWAYS at work on your behalf for HIS name's sake.  Bringing about His perfect PLAN.  It's all in your perspective.  Go under or TAKE the wave and TRUST that He is at work.  

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