January 9, 2013

Walking in the F.O.G.

Favor: "something given through kind regard or grace rather than an act of justice or remuneration" After a really rough day yesterday I dropped my fairly new phone in the bathtub. I didn't think I could manage one more disappointment yesterday.... but there it was. It was foolish for me to have it near the bath water and I couldn't be surprised nor disappointed. I went to Verizon and was told it would be a couple of days to turn it into insurance and have it replaced. But then in a surprising turn of events and finding favor with the gentleman helping me......he found a way...... to not only get me a NEW phone, but a better phone with upgraded software and longer battery life. he added a tablet to our plan (which I already had and didn't have to buy) ,gave us a BETTER plan....and in the end I paid less than I would have to turn my other phone into insurance AND our monthly bill is now less than what we were paying. That's favor! With God....(who's always one step ahead of me)....and man. (Just happened to get the guy who could fix this for me;)) I didn't deserve it. I didn't ask for it. But grateful He can redeem even the most insignificant details and turn them around for our good. Just because He's a good God. Do I believe that was the hand of God? Absolutely!.....I walk in the F.O G.....and I will never hesitate to turn it back to praise. He's a GOOD God....even when we are undeserving.

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