March 21, 2013

..............when He passes by

Bartimaeus seized upon a chance opportunity.  Jesus was passing by.

There were crowds and crowds of people who needed Jesus.  Begging for His attention.  Wanting a miracle.  Wanting Him to do something for them.  Perhaps Bartimaeus simply let him walk by...............would Jesus notice Him and heal him?  Perhaps yes.  But maybe no.  But Bartimaeus wasn't about to be left unheard.  Unseen.  Unnoticed.  He SHOUTED.  "SON OF DAVID HAVE MERCY ON ME".  The people asked him to be quiet. 
But ..............HE.  SHOUTED.  ALL.  THE.  MORE.

                            Jesus restored the man's sight and he became a follower of Jesus.

Jesus didn't just do miracles as a means to an end.
The man needed his sight.  Yes.
But there was more to it.  In John 14:10 He tells the disciples that the Father in Him was doing the work.  Every witness to Jesus' miracles.  Every recipient of a miracle saw EVIDENCE of a God at work.  He did it to glorify His Father.  That all men might come to know Him.

What is it you are seeking?
What do you have need of?
Are you seeking to know the Father?  God will show Himself mighty on your behalf.
But not for the sake of your needs.
Not just for your healing.
Not just for the miracle you are seeking.
He will do it.  But for a greater purpose.  That HE might be glorified.  And that all men might come to know Him.  That there would be tangible evidence testifying to the very real, very present, very near to you God who wants to do great things.  That you would really and truly know Him.

When He passes by will you seize the opportunity and with tenacity and boldness take hold of that thing which you have need of?

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