November 16, 2013

In the In-Between times

In the beginning was......GOD.
He is the Alpha and Omega.
The beginning........and the end.
But how quickly we forget that means --- He's the *in between* too. all the details.
He knew where we came from. Where we are headed. And how we are going to get there.
Do you TRUST Him??????
Be still......and KNOW......He is God.
(In ALL of it.)

November 13, 2013

Stay Connected

"Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs." Jonah 2:8
Jonah said it. The prodigal son lived it.
...........He gave up the grace that was in his hands to chase after something else he thought would bring him satisfaction. He was restless and striving for something MORE when everything he needed he HAD already. The prodigal's brother took for granted the grace that was his when all along --- everything he needed was his already! he never left that place of security, provision and blessing.

If we stay connected to the source of grace and CLING to grace and mercy.... CLING to the good things our Father has for us we will stay in a constant flow of blessings. But if we walk away??!?!?......we will have cut off that very Life source that was ours all along. And if we aren't careful...take for granted the blessings and favor that are ours everyday......