February 16, 2014

Lighten up and live FREE

It is absolutely EXHAUSTING to live a life burdened by unforgiveness, bitterness, unconfessed sin, jealousy and competition, fear and depression.
If His yoke is *easy* and His burden is LIGHT....then wouldn't it stand to reason that if we would only *CHOOSE* to live in the freedom that's already been GIVEN to us ----- to live in forgiveness, grace and mercy, absolute transparency and honesty, confidence and contentment, PEACE and FAITH....that we would find it exhilarating and LIBERATING to let GO of those things that weigh us down???? Freedom feels GOOD. He whom the Son sets FREE is free indeed! Don't be enslaved by chains you've already been made FREE from! Choose FREEDOM. Lighten UP! and live FREE! The rest is just EXHAUSTING......and will DRAIN the *LIFE* right out of you.
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