April 17, 2014

The Journey Doesn't Always Make Sense

The journey to all that God has promised us is often marked with rest stops and detours we may not understand. There was a much more direct route to the Promise Land for the Israelites. But God knew that route was marked with terrifying war and things the Israelites couldn't handle. He knew if they went that way they would pack their bags and go back to Egypt.
Exodus 13:17 says even though God knew there was a more direct route if they had to get there by way of the war breaking out in the land of the Philistines they would tuck tail and run.
Going backwards is not an option.

God has a plan. And He knows our hearts. He sees things we cannot. And knows thing we do not know. His plan is flawless and filled with PURPOSE. 


go forward with God.
Even when you don't understand.
He knows how to get you to where you need to be.
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