May 8, 2014


While my children were at school I received a disrespectful email from one of mine who was frustrated with ME.
His motive was honest.
I cannot fault him for that.
His heart and tone? Not so much......
It wasn't 15 minutes before I was down at the school face to face with the receptionist asking that the offending party meet me in the front office.
Oh yes.
I pulled him out of class.
Took him into the hallway and dealt with it right then and there.
Maybe he will check his heart twice next time he needs to bring something up or at the very least be careful of his words and tone in which he sends it.....
I am happy to talk and entertain anything that might be on his heart. But the moment he took it to a disrespectful level it needed to be addressed.
I use that word frequently with my children.
apologize *QUICKLY*.
forgive *QUICKLY*
obey *QUICKLY*
When caught "in the act" I always tell my children to fix it "QUICKLY".

Most of time it's "APOLOGIZE!!!!! ....quickly."
Is so important.
Before anger can grow bigger.
Before the offense becomes greater and the hurt deeper.
Deal with it. quickly.
Before doubt has time to persuade you otherwise.
Quickly. Before your thoughts and emotions override your ability to make the right choice.

There are times we need to act slowly.
Slow to ager.
Slow to speak.
To give us time to be sure our heart is in the right place.
But once you've made the error....fix it quickly.

If we are not quick to forgive. Quick to apologize....if not dealt with QUICKLY.... offenses, hurts, wounds become the ground where the seeds of bitterness and hatred grow.
....which will in the end destroy the life around it.

I want more than anything that the Lord would grab a hold of me quickly when He sees there is something in MY heart that needs to be dealt with.
Who of any of us mothers would see our child heading for danger and not use any means and method necessary to catch their child's attention and turn them away from a disaster before they get hurt. Because we know.....
What THEY don't know. We see the obvious where they've somehow missed it.
There is another matter in which we should act quickly.....
be quick to GIVE.
Give without hesitation. Lavishly. Freely.
Quick to LOVE.
Without reservation.
Oh what JOY!! and peace come to those who know how to act quickly.
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