June 4, 2014

Just. Breathe. Disconnecting to connect.

It's easy for me to think that the only connection I have for intelligent conversation, social interaction and "intimate" friendships is on the other side of this screen.

 .....and it is FAR to easy to neglect the world around me....

Which is RICH and full to spilling over with opportunities.
God - inspired moments that scarcely capture my attention at times because I haven't looked up to see them. 

With all the technology at our fingertips ....and thumbs;)....we have Facebook, Twitter, emails, texting, Pinterest, instagram, chatrooms keeping us all "connected". I for one am grateful for all the ways we now have to communicate/ share and stay in touch. Unfortunately, It's almost become a necessary convenience. But with as much "connectivity" that we have to take advantage of.....we've never been more *DIS*connected.....more divided.....more distant and alienated from one another than we are now. We now have even more platforms with which to stand on, voice opinions and speak our minds. We throw a few idle words to voice concern and half hearted comments to make a contribution to the sense of "community". The gift of friendship is taken for granted. Relationships, fellowship and community is underrecognized and under appreciated. Let's be careful to not substitute real relationship for virtual ones.Virtual communities have replaced our tangible ones.  And we forget to take the time to nurture and cultivate the relationships with those around us.

To be absolutely transparent---I'll admit.  Sometimes virtual reality has been an escape for me.  From reality.  To be a part of something ELSE. When all around me seems to much to bear.  When I feel overwhelmed.  When I don't like what is presented to me in the moment.  I connect to a world outside of my own.  An *INVISIBLE* reality when there's something so incredibly precious sitting at my feet.
Other times I have found a somewhat *shallow* and meaningless significance from my connection with virtual reality and forget that my significance lies in being WHO I am and DOING what God's placed in front of me to do.  He's presented me with SO many opportunities to build His Kingdom *HERE* in this MOMENT.  To be FULLY present and EMBRACE this moment is a GIFT I am wise to take advantage of.  

I hesitate to unplug because I might be missing something if I disconnect.
But the HARSH and painful reality is this --- I AM --- . I am missing out on all that is in this present moment *HERE*.  

So instead I choose to opt out of an *engaging* conversation online about how to be a better mommy, or what the latest and greatest is on Pinterest, or to hear the most recent NEWS to have a conversation WITH my children.  

To learn more about them. To have more occasion to speak into their lives. To get on their level and play WITH them.  
To be FULLY present and give them my *UNDIVIDED* attention.  
I have chosen the more needful thing.
and I haven't missed a THING.  

So I look up and see the girl......beaming with JOY with a handful of happy daisies.  "Mommy!! I picked these for YOU."

(I should have been picking them WITH her......)

I put down my phone and we figure out how to make a crown of daisies.  

She's smiling and I love how she appreciates the simple joy of finding a wild patch of daisies and being able to offer them as a gift.

Life is full of moments. Brilliant & Colorful.
If we're not careful we will MISS them.
           Just. Breathe.
I am reminded to just enjoy each moment.
Because each moment is fleeting. Gone with every breath I take.

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