June 18, 2014

Makers of Peace

As much as it DEPENDS ON YOU.....be at peace with all men. Romans 12:18

.....as *IF* it depends on YOU.  

Because sometimes?  It DOES.  
I say it to my children often: SOMEone has to be the one who makes peace.  
SOMEone has to step it up.
SOMEone has to do the hard thing.
and SOMEtimes?  Being the one who has to eat your words when you'd rather spew them is a VERY hard thing.
Being a peacemaker requires forgiveness.  

Forgiveness *ALWAYS* comes with a price.  It requires sacrifice. 
Too often we're guilty of *CHEAP* grace.
Giving when it's EASY. 
But when the offense is great and the hurt is deep?  We want justice.
We demand restitution.
We hold forgiveness hostage until our demands are met.

Any time we choose to forgive it comes at a cost.  And we must be willing to pay it.

It costs us our right to be angry.
Our right to hold a grudge.

Our right to see justice done on our behalf. 
Our right to an apology.  
Our right to have the last word. 

How HARD that is!
So DO the hard thing!

Forgiveness means...not needing an explanation.  An apology.  It means letting go of expectations, resentment, bitterness, ill feelings and all offenses with no promise of it every being made right.  Forgiveness means understanding and GRACE in the face of what might be your deepest hurt.  Forgiveness doesn't require your feeling or emotions to agree.  
It requires OBEDIENCE.

Makers of PEACE carry the banner of humility and forgiveness.  
And wherever they go...peace follows.  

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