June 28, 2014

Places of PROMISE

*40* years the Israelites wandered in the wilderness.
Their clothes did not wear out nor did their feet blister.
after 40 years.
............In the WILDERNESS.

All of this .... pieces of EVIDENCE that God was SUSTAINING them.
EVIDENCE of God's provision.
EVIDENCE of His favor. His protection.
EVIDENCE of His direction. Cloud by day. Fire by Night.
They may have found themselves in the wilderness.....but SEEING GOD AT WORK even before they arrived would have brought a GRATITUDE and JOY in the JOURNEY that their narrow minded, short sighted, selfish, I-want-it-*NOW* mentality couldn't comprehend.
He was THERE.
Pay attention to the EVIDENCE.
Every step you take to get to your Promised Land is a place of Promise.....
Keep that in mind & you won't miss a THING he has stored up for YOU.
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