August 30, 2014

A Constant in your EVER CHANGING WORLD

This morning as I was sitting in the quiet, reading my Bible, drinking my coffee and listening to soft worship music.....I found my mind drifting to how TRANSIENT my life has been these last few years.
Marked by SIGNIFICANT change.
I'm talking the kind of change that upsets everything you THOUGHT you knew and the world as YOU knew it to be. 
As I sat there contemplating how DIFFERENT everything is in this moment and feeling that some of it was quite unfair (and some of it quite necessary) I heard the Lord say to me (as if he were sitting on the couch across from me having a conversation with me this beautiful morning)
"I am GOD....and I do NOT change" (Malachi 3:6)
How remind me. 
In this world so unsettling, uncertain, inconsistent, marked with unexpected change.....there is a CONSTANT.  *HOLDING IT ALL TOGETHER* and EVERYthing finds PURPOSE in Him. (Colossians 1:15-20)   He is the same yesterday today and FOREVER.  What He spoke from the beginning of creation still holds True today.  And He's not about to change. 
If we are placing our trust in the ground beneath us---then surely our footing will be shaken.  There is nothing certain we can place our faith in but for the One who will never change. 
Can I trust a God who isn't OBLIGATED to explain His actions to me? 
He's PROVEN to me He can be trusted. 
His love is just as SURE as the foundations of the Earth.  He had a plan from the beginning and He FULLY intends on seeing through to completion and PERFECTING all that concerns you. 
The key to moving with God?  Reaching forward. 
He is constantly doing a NEW thing and bringing about change so everything can come together according to His GLORIOUS design!

August 29, 2014

God Can only Heal What You're willing to Expose

God can only heal what you're willing to expose.

Whatever lies dormant in the darkness: hidden from fear of vulnerability, consequences, what might people think, fear of how much it will hurt (because it's just easier to bury it and forget it. or so we TELL ourselves),
I have YET to meet someone who ENJOYS the process.
ALL of my children would rather leave a splinter alone or leave a cut to infection than to face the pain of cleaning it out.
The fear of how much it will hurt.
The realization of how much it hurts NOW.
We get USED to the pain.
We treat the symptoms.
We cover it up.
But if we're willing.....
we will realize LIGHT heals things.
What's left buried is left in fertile ground----what ever it is that is broken, hurting and needing to heal is only going to become a deeper, greater wound and infect what's healthy around it.
                                       Transparency. Authenticity. Honesty.
                                    It's all fertile ground for everything GOOD.
He can't heal what we're not willing to expose.
The process is well worth the freedom and healing that is found on the other side.

August 28, 2014

Before you were a mom......

Somewhere ....buried under all the titles you have accumulated..... "mom", "wife", "friend" something that defines you even more than the positions you hold. Underneath it your identity. Your gifts, passions, talents, personality and purpose. It was all woven into your DNA before you were born. 

Before you were a mom, a sister, a wife...... you belonged to God.
  When you stand before Him one won't be as a mom or a wife. It will be YOU. As He created you. The way He made you. Just as you are. Sometimes buried under life we forget who we are, who we belong to and what we are made of. If we can keep sight of that?
 Then who we ARE will overflow into all the God given roles we have here on earth and we will do them in a way that only we can!