March 24, 2015

Even when we have Forgotten

I will REMEMBER the covenant I made with you..........Genesis 9:15
Even when we have forgotten.......

As a little girl in a ruffled dress, lace socks, bows tied in her hair, I made a promise.  All I knew was that JESUS loved me and the Bible told me everything I needed to know about that love.  SO WILD and free and consuming is that love when you're young.
pure *UNADULDERATED* joy..........
untouched by heartache.  untouched by darkness.  

EVENTUALLY.....because we live in this fallen world.....we will know pain.  We will feel betrayal.....we may even be the betrayer.  We will taste bitterness.  Without fail we will know weariness and be asked to continue to fight.  We will know loss and experience the depths of grief.  We will be let down and we will let others down.  We will have to confront our fears and doubts in the face of unforeseen circumstances and have to decide if what we KNOW and believe about the Truth of God's word is enough......

Eventually.....that JOY....that innocence....that covenant we made with Him long ago seems care-worn, bruised, sometimes shattered.  
Then....*eventually* turns into *suddenly*......
and suddenly WE.HAVE.FORGOTTEN.  

We have forgotten those days.  Those days when GOD was ENOUGH.
Those days when we KNEW that if GOD would just...and *WHEN HE DOES*......then everything would be okay.  Those days when we wait....and He does......

We have forgotten that He knew us (and LOVED us at our worst).
That He had ideas about us LONG before we could even BEGIN to imagine the HOPE and FUTURE He had planned for us.  We have forgotten that the One who can turn a King's heart is still in touch with ours.  He is NEVER surprised.  
When the earth crumbles beneath our feet, our Heavenly Father does not FLINCH.  Because He knew.....and He KNOWS......
and HE. REMEMBERS........
He made a promise and He intends to keep it.

Hear me when I say......He will do whatever it takes...whatever He has to do.... to hold on to you.
Even if you've wandered into the darkest places.
He sees.  He knows.  He remembers.    

Psalm 139

I can never escape from your Spirit!

    I can never get away from your presence!
If I go up to heaven, you are there;
    if I go down to the grave,  you are there.
If I ride the wings of the morning,
    if I dwell by the farthest oceans,
even there your hand will guide me,
    and your strength will support me.

When you've forgotten your way.  He knows.  He sees.  He remembers.
When you've forgotten where you've come from and don't know where you're headed. He knows.  He sees.   He remembers.  

Do you think a GOD who would go through so much effort to RESCUE you and *SECURE* that HOPE He intended for YOU long ago is about to let you go NOW? 

He made a promise....and if He has to follow you to the ends of the earth........HE WILL.
Because He sees.  He knows.  He remembers.  

He will not forget the promises He made to you.
Even when we have.
In this world our faith WILL be tested.
We may by all accounts, weary from the battle, give way to doubt and give in to fear.
But REMIND yourself this morning......

He sees.  He knows.  and HE remembers.
Even wen we've forgotten.  And He is holding on to you and is NOT about to let you go.  He will sustain you.....even there.

March 21, 2015

Are You Ready to Trust Him?

I remember the conversation vividly.  As if God was sitting across the living room from me.  

I might as well have offered Him a cup of coffee........
It still amazes me that God HIMSELF....creator of the UNIVERSE....the One who set the stars in place....the One who gathered the oceans and controls the waves.....the One who makes demons tremble...and the God who will One day set ALL THINGS right......
that THIS GOD-----can be so present.  So intimate.  So.........HERE.  
with ME.
It was early.  The children were still asleep.
(and by all means.......if at all possible......LET. THE. CHILDREN. long as they should see fit to need the sleep.)  

I had stepped away from social media....NEEDING to hear from God.  NEEDING some breakthrough.  NEEDING some answers.  I was desperate and I knew that I needed to pull the plug-so to  speak-on every other voice, every other influence.....and hear from HIM.
He was the only One who could give me direction.  Give me the answers I needed.  

If ANY man lacks wisdom, lacks answers, lacks direction.  Just ASK our GENEROUS LOVING Heavenly Father who GIVES wisdom, insight and discernment LIBERALLY.  without HESITATION.  James 1:5 (my paraphrase)

Why wouldn't He?
He has such a HOPE and FUTURE laid up for us.  He's got plans.  He had ideas for US before our mother laid eyes on our newborn faces.  He will grant us whatever *TRUTH* we need to step into those things with FREEDOM.  Without anything holding us back.  

This was my moment.  
This was my breakthrough.  

I expected some profound Truth.  
I sat there in silence drinking my coffee.  Praying.  Reading the Word of God.
Most of the time He speaks to me through His Word alone.  It's rarely a BOOMING voice.  Or thunder from the clouds.    He's already said everything He's going to say....I only need to open His word and read it.

But this morning I needed something more.  

Then I heard Him.

Because He is so FAITHFUL.....faithful to speak....faithful to give us what we need the MOMENT we need it......


Those words took my breath away.
.................of course I trusted Him.

I've always trusted Him.  

Then *SUDDENLY*.....(you know those suddenly moments, when the veil is lifted you see see things in a new light.  SUDDENLY the clouds break open and you see GOD as if for the first time.  HEAR His voice so clearly.)  
Suddenly I could see all of the things I'd held in my tightly clenched fists.
The list was longer than I'd realized.

ALL THIS TIME......I was waiting on deliverance.
I was waiting for answers.

I was waiting for GOD to move.  
............................and he was waiting on ME.  

Was I ready to trust Him with my future?
My past?
The hurts?
The insecurities?
The decisions of those around me?
Could HE protect me, sustain me and BRING me into this future that I KNEW He had for me IN SPITE OF spite of the choices I've made.  The mistakes I've made.   
In spite of the battles.
In spite of the heartache and ashes I see laying around me.  
In spite of what I'm feeling in this moment here......

Can I trust a GOD who isn't obligated to explain Himself to me?
A God who isn't obligated to lay out His plan in a power point presentation for me to see what's up ahead.  To guard me against tomorrow's heartaches.  To protect me from tomorrow's mistakes.   Can I trust a God to do what
And to do it in a way that HE chooses, in the TIMING He KNOWS is best.  
Do I trust that He has my best interests at heart and has not brought me to this moment in time to BRING ME TO RUIN but to bring REDEMPTION, HEALING, RESTORATION.

I didn't realize how little I entrusted HIM with.
Keeping it all safely hidden in the palms of my own hands.
Trying to figure it all out on my own.

Fix things on my own.
Afraid of revealing too much of me.  Afraid of letting go of too much.  
Afraid of what that would mean. 

I didn't realize how much FREEDOM there was in transparency.  In SURRENDER. I knew what I had to do.
All this time......
He was waiting on ME.
Waiting on me to stop striving.
To stop looking beyond HIM for all the things I needed.

To stop trying to fix things on my own.
But to just recognize He was there......this WHOLE TIME.
......waiting on me to figure it out.

Those were the only words He spoke to me.
Just those few words.
But those words were enough.
ARE YOU READY..................

So often we're waiting on God to do something miraculous when the whole time He's waiting on us.  Waiting on us to figure it out.
Waiting on us to let something go.
Waiting on us to LET HIM WORK.
We want Him to work but there are things we JUST AREN'T WILLING TO RELINQUISH TO HIS CONTROL.

Only you know what they are.
But if you really want to be FREE.
Free from regret.  Free from the past.  Free from heartache.  Free from the ashes.  He's a GOOD God, friends.


And everything He has for you is GOOD.
There is only ONE who's intention is to steal kill and destroy.
Only ONE who's desperate to give you abundant life, promise, a hope and a future full of EVERY GOOD AND PERFECT GIFT.  

Are you ready to TRUST HIM?

One. STEP. at a TIME.  
INTO freedom.  INTO promise.  INTO every GOOD thing He planned for you long ago.  

March 12, 2015


He is the Alpha and Omega. 
The beginning and the end. 

That means that wherever He found you..... 
whatever the mess He found you in .....
He has no intention of leaving you there! 

Only God can take what was meant to destroy you and make you an overcomer that you could even rise from the ashes and lay hold of all that Christ has already laid hold of for you.

There is a joy set before you and you're not meant to stay in the ashes. 
His story for you does not end here. 
He is the God of all that is behind you... 

And the God of all that is ahead of you. 
He is the Great I AM! The God of right here and right now. 
He is the God of the hope and the future planned for you long ago! 

I raised you up for this that I may display My power in you.
and that My name may be proclaimed in all the earth. - Romans 9:17

He went through great lengths to bring you to THIS PLACE IN TIME!
What are YOU gonna do with it!? 

Wherever you are today... This is not the end of your story.
Finish with Him and your end will be greater than your beginning!

March 7, 2015

Being Faithful in the Midst of Grief

Perhaps God's greatest blessings come not while we are pining away for them but through our obedience and faithfulness in the ordinary.

I'm sure it was hard for Ruth to keep moving after such devastating loss. 
Stripped of everything. Her home. Her husband. Everything she knew. Everything familiar. 

She didn't spend her time waiting on God to recover all that she'd lost. Or waste away her days lamenting those things 
which happened to her

We don't know the things she kept in her heart....the grief she bore in the silence.
But we do know how she spent her time.

Being faithful in the mundane.

In her faithfulness God sustained her. He sent Boaz.

Blessings come not in the waiting but in our obedience to Him in this place we find ouselves. 
One divine step at a time He restored all things to her and brought her into every good thing He had planned for her. 
Concern yourself with HIS will for THIS moment and He'll take care of the rest.