September 10, 2015

Half-hearted Offerings

And God looked on all He had made and said, "It is GOOD."

Can it be said of YOU at the end of a long day.....that everything you put your hands to was done WELL?
That you gave it your BEST effort and every task, every act of service, every act of love was done with excellence?

I was painting today and feeling frustrated and tired ..... I finished with a few half hearted swipes of the paint brush and mumbled....."good ENOUGH."
Isn't it like Him to remind me of His words in THAT moment?

I want to lay my head on my pillow at night with a contended sigh of relief knowing that I gave it my BEST and did it with EXCELLENCE.  And if what is on my plate is overwhelming then I need to take smaller servings ;)  
Figure out what my best YES is.....and tackle THAT with excellence and let what cannot be done with excellence WAIT.....

I tend to overwhelm myself with my own list of things that need to be accomplished and for the sake of crossing it off my ever-growing list want it to be DONE and over with so I can move on to the next thing.  If I could just take a step back and BREATHE and one-day-at-a-time allow myself the opportunity to not necessarily cross things off my list but to do just ONE thing with EXCELLENCE. He wants our best....not our "good enough"  

#itisGOOD #lovewell #excellence 

September 2, 2015


What do you do when you're waiting!?!?!?! 
       you PAINT!

  and {MAKE IT BETTER} where you ARE :):):):):):)
That is --- if what you're waiting on is for your house to sell.
Painting my house one. room. at. a. time.
Y'all just don't know how good it feels to step back and see a finished room.
Years of LIVING inside these walls.....slowly, over time, butter yellow turned to gray. Smoke from the fireplace settled in spots on my high walls. Dirt. Fingerprints. Dents and even craters from careless kiddos. ---- now a blank canvas of a subtle yellow again. 
It's a breath of fresh air and makes me smile.
Granted I'm doing this for the next person who moves in and calls this place home.....and I hesitated and put it off for as long as I could.

I didn't WANT to paint.
When I felt it was time to move I wanted to pack it up and leave .... {YESTERDAY}.

Leave the broken things...the things that needed attention for the next person.
I was ready.....I had my bags packed and on the front stoop.  
Truthfully, I thought it would have happened by now. 
But when I made the decision to take a step back and do some home improvements my initial intention was only to make it more appealing for a fast sale. 

So I could "get this over with" and "move on" so to speak.
I admit I felt a little bitter about it all.
But believe it or not as I was painting and feeling discouraged, weary in the waiting and resenting the "process " I heard God speak to me in between brush strokes.
He is {HERE} and {HERE} is where He has me----for ..... {NOW}.

For such a time as {THIS}.
and until He moves me {THERE} if I am to be fully present {HERE} then I will continue to {make it better} till He moves me on.
As if..........I were staying {HERE}.
Not to negate our hopes and dreams.....but how many times do we neglect TODAY waiting on TOMORROW?
How many times do we neglect the responsibilities of today KNOWING tomorrow will bring something NEW.  Something different.  How often do we hang on to a promise so tightly that we pack our bags, sit on the front stoop and WAIT.....missing out on what He has for us to do TODAY?

He who is faithful with the things in his possession TODAY....
Every morning you wake with the same things in your possession as you had yesterday.
Those things....if tended to and cared for.....have the potential to be GREATER.
Funny thing though.....while {making it better} for someone else.....I'm finding a greater peace {HERE}.  He is speaking so many things to me {HERE}.  I am growing {HERE}.  I am learning {HERE} and He is blessing me........{HERE}.  There is a process in the waiting.  He is at work in the waiting and there is PURPOSE to the waiting.

Let's not neglect TODAY while waiting for tomorrow.
Let's not push aside our responsibilities and callings for today pining away for something MORE.  THIS may not be what was promised to you....but I can assure you He is {HERE} and where He IS is a blessed blessed place.  And He has things stored up for you {HERE}
Make TODAY better---make it beautiful HERE. ENJOYING where you ARE on the way to where you are going --- tomorrow will be here soon enough.  


  ......that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her.  Luke 1:45