December 30, 2015

When you think things will never change

It's so easy to surrender to hopelessness thinking nothing is ever going to change. Wondering how much more you can bear. Thinking the next wave is the one that's going to take you under. It hurts so much and you wonder how much more it will hurt before the tides much time will pass before things looks different.
Panic sets in and we see no hope for change.

Here's the beautiful thing about faith.
He is working ALL things together for your good. He has an eternal perspective. A kingdom perspective. His vantage point is greater than ours because He IS....the beginning and the end and every moment in between. That's why we can rejoice in this moment here because we matter what it looks like. No matter what we are feeling. This. Is. Temporary.
God is not bound by time.
You may FEEL you cannot endure a moment more but He knows.
In an instant things will change. In His perfect timing. When He has finished His work.
We become bitter and come to resent the process but this moment is nothing compared to what He's going to do.
Hold on to HOPE .
We don't have to see it to believe it.

For our light, momentary affliction (this slight distress of the passing hour) is ever more and more abundantly preparing and producing and achieving for us an everlasting weight of glory [beyond all measure, excessively surpassing all comparisons and all calculations, a vast and transcendent glory and blessedness never to cease!], Since we consider and look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen; for the things that are visible are temporal (brief and fleeting), but the things that are invisible are deathless and everlasting.
2 Corinthians 4:17-18

December 12, 2015

Hope Doesn't Disappoint

HOPE doesn't disappoint.........

       but I sure do feel the heartache of GREAT disappointment sometimes.  My faith is such that I just EXPECT.....I expect God to show up and do what He does best.  Surprise me with His GOODNESS.  I will admit I have questioned His goodness. His methods.  His timing.  What it is He is up to.  I've EXPECTED things to turn out a certain way and when they don't?  Disappointment hurts all the more.  

HOPE doesn't why do I feel so disappointed?  Why does this hurt so much?  WHY didn't this turn out the way I EXPECTED?

It is in that moment I am gently reminded.

I only see in part.  
I only see a small fragment of the picture.  
But His GREATNESS.  In HIS GOODNESS......sees those things that I cannot see.
He sees the beginning.  He sees the end.  And He sees those moments in between.  
I expect based on my limited reasoning and my limited knowledge.


My friends.....never forget that GOD IS GOOD.  
If things don't turn out the way you expected.....He is STILL GOOD.
If things aren't going your way.  If everything and everyone seems to be against you......

This ONE thing is TRUE HE is very much FOR you.  You have GOD of the ANGEL ARMIES working on your behalf and if GOD be for you, who or WHAT could ever stand against you?

God is committed to YOU!

He's committed to your journey and committed to the process. 
He will never bring you to a place only to abandon you half way.
He will ALWAYS finish what He started.

He NEVER leaves a job half finished.

He WILL perfect all that concerns you.

We respond to pain and inconvenience as if it's an eternal matter.  As if "this moment in time" is all there is.  But how quickly we lose perspective and forget that these matters are inconsequential compared to the work He is DOING.  

When He delivered the Israelites from Egypt 
*He did it with the END in mind.*
He wasn't going to free them from slavery and then leave them fend for themselves in the wilderness to find their OWN way to their promised destiny. 

He *SUSTAINED* them in the wilderness. 
He *LED* them *through* the wilderness. 
It He went to so much effort to rescue then would He not deliver them and then see it through to COMPLETION?
And so it is with you!!!

He is always up to something.  He is ALPHA and OMEGA.  The beginning and the END and *ALL the moments in between*
If He went to so much effort to SAVE you. RESCUE you. REDEEM you.....would He not take as much care to PROTECT and DEFEND the investment He's made in YOU?

He paid a HIGH price for you my friend!!!
Signed, sealed and delivered.....
You are HIS. 
He will PERFECT all that concerns you. Bring you into EVERY good thing He's promised you and not for ONE moment in your journey will He forsake you. 

Stick with HIM....He's got the end in mind.

These disappointments don't deter His plans for you.  He is not hindered by circumstances.  He is not limited by time nor has He changed His mind about you or His thoughts towards you.  He has not changed His plans.  

He is STILL on course.  He is STILL working towards the GOOD things He has planned for you and HE WILL SEE them through to finish what He started.  

HOLD ON TO HOPE.  It will NEVER disappoint. 

December 4, 2015

When Obedience Requires Faith

God {SIMPLY} requires obedience.

He doesn't have to explain the outcome and there's not always a promise things are going to go the way you expected them to.  He just asks for your obedience.

Here is the promise we have in Him.....

When we are in the center of God's perfect will and we are walking in obedience the responsibility of the outcome rests on HIS shoulders.   

Daniel had no idea that his obedience and loyalty to His God would take Him into the lion's den.

God may ALLOW us ---- for whatever reason only known to Him and the secret places of Heaven---- to go through the adversity.
He DID promise that He would never leave. He DID promise it would not consume us.  He DID promise He would deliver us.  Even from the mouth of a lion.  

Daniel obeyed.

The enemy ROARED!!!!!!! -----and planned to still the HAND of God.
.......but God had plans to SILENCE the enemy.  
We have nothing to fear when we are walking with the Father.
No matter what may come against us God is to working to bring ALL things together for our GOOD for the glory of HIS Kingdom.  He CAN be trusted.  And there is no safer place than in center of God's perfect will.

December 1, 2015

When God Turns the Meager into Extraordinary

He who is faithful with the little he has.....

Every single morning you wake up you have within your possession the same things you had when you went to sleep.
But deep inside of us is this drive....
Wanting more. Wanting the meager to be abundant. Wanting the ordinary to be extraordinary.
It's only when we learn to be content with the ordinary and when we are faithful with the meager that we see God begin do extraordinary things with the offerings we pour out day to day.
The widow woman gave the last bit of oil she had.
As she continued to be obedient and faithful with the little she did have God continued to give her the supply she needed for herself with more to give.
Be faithful with what's in your possession TODAY.
Your home. Your children. The things you DO have. The friends in your life. Your job. The things on your agenda today.
Give without hesitation the things you DO have to give. Love extravagantly. Be faithful with the things God is calling you to today...
And as you pour your life out as an offering .. as meager as it may *SEEM*....God will turn your meager little offering into extraordinary things.