June 26, 2017

Navigating through your Seasons with Grace

"How you end a season is what ushers you into the next."-Daniel Bashta
I don't know how you entered this season. Or what kind of season you had before this. 
I have had seasons of transition, seasons of change.  New places, new people, new home, new friends, new city.
Seasons of grief and heartache. Having to face the hard things. That moment when "till death do us part" became a reality after only 15 years.  Our last year was our BEST year.  A season of blessings and provision, favor and miracles....became a season of grieving.  Having to raise our 4 children without their dad. There have been seasons of growth and learning. Some of those seasons were hard, dark and lonely.  But it was in those moments I have learned so much about the character of God.  I have learned more about His word and His promises in these times than any other.  I have learned so much about myself and have experienced the most growth when seasons were the hardest.
I have had seasons of tears, seasons of healing, seasons of brokenness, and seasons of celebration and joy.  
 What you do during the season you find yourself in, your response, your perspective, will determine how you end it...and how you end it will determine how you enter the next one.
Seasons are temporary. Transition and change is inevitable.  
I do know this.....God is at work in every single one.
Winter is dark and cold and every fruit and flower bearing plant lies dormant. Life ceases for a moment. But underneath the ground a seed is breathing and maturing....growing beneath the surface....waiting for spring to usher in new life.  
The activity of Heaven is constant and His Truth is an anchor through every one.

But we come to resent the process. Longing to find a short cut. Wanting to forgo this leg of the journey. It's uncomfortable and HARD. Sometimes painful and exhausting. Grief. Transition. Unforeseen circumstances.....everyday LIFE. We try to navigate around what we are supposed to journey THROUGH. When life gets uncomfortable the last thing we want to do is endure. We become restless and agitated and long to be ANYwhere but HERE. 

You may not necessarily appreciate it now but what God is doing today is preparation for tomorrow. 

He's always one step ahead of you. 
It's in those moments we have to remind ourselves.....
God is at work.
Preparing. Reshaping. Undoing things that needed to be undone.
Confirming things that needed to be confirmed. Sharpening our focus and shaping our vision. Fueling our faith and passion. There is work to be done {HERE}.

and THIS.....this, my friend, is our resolve through EVERY season.
.....but *NONE* of these things MOVE me.....that I may finish my course with JOY. Acts 20:24
Be DETERMINED. Be PERSUADED. Be IMMOVABLE. Be DILIGENT. Be CONFIDENT. Refuse to BUDGE from your CONVICTIONS. Hold FAST to the WORD of God. RESOLVE to STAND on His Promises......and you will finish STRONG.