January 3, 2018

No Matter What (the Expectations of a HOPEFUL and GRATEFUL heart)

Every day I am reminded of how INTENTIONAL the Father is towards me.  
In love.  
In kindness.....
Even today.  On my birthday.  I woke feeling a little sad....a little longing.  
He QUICKLY reminded me....HOW near He is.  How He holds me.  How He loves me.  Through His words to me.  Through His Holy Spirit.  Through others. 
I opened a new journal I received from a friend and inside on the FIRST page read these words:
"Why am I so sad?  Why this turmoil within me?  Keep HOPING and WAITING on the Lord.  No matter what.  I will STILL sing with praise."  


No matter what.
I will bring praise. 
I will be grateful.  

I will be expectant.

I remember the day my husband passed away....some of my first words were "WHY NOW?"  
My tears were HOT and ANGRY.
Why NOW?
I had SO many questions.  
But even in my grief.  Even in my doubts.  Even in my FEARS......
I heard Him.
He whispered to this broken heart of mine answer after answer after answer to every word I spoke.

"He *IS* near to the brokenhearted"
I could feel Him.

When 2013 began I had NO idea the things that we were about to face and where the years ahead would take us.
And still I began my year expectantly.  With HOPE.  
The days before He passed away the Lord spoke things deep into my heart about FEAR.  About HOPE.  About FAITH.  Little did I know how purposeful He was in making those words so real and tangible for me.  HOW I would need them in the days ahead. 

My friends.  He is SO intentional.

He knows what season you are in and how long you will be there.
He knows what's ahead and will prepare you for that exact moment. 
No matter what.

And no matter WHAT lies ahead we waiting expectantly and with HOPE knowing that He holds us.  
In our kicking and screaming.  In our weeping and our grieving.  In our celebrations and joys.

He feels what we feel. 
And He holds us steady. 
He HOLDS us.
Knowing what tomorrow brings and bringing it all together leaving only beauty. 
Because that's His promise to us.  To bring beauty from ashes.

So we CAN begin this year with EXPECTATION.

We expect Him to be GOOD.  We expect Him to be KIND.  We expect Him to show up and BE everything we need Him to be in each season.  We expect Him to COME.
Emmanuel GOD WITH US.
In *EVERY* season.  In each year. KNOWING He is the AUTHOR.  He is the FINISHER.  and He is GOOD.  No matter what.