September 21, 2010


I was spending time this morning with God and you'll never guess what He is stirring in my heart........
Okay...most of you guessed it....JOY! (Imagine that)
From the time Larnell Harris' song came out, "I choose joy" God has been teaching me and growing me in an understanding and lifestyle of JOY..........He knew that I would truly NEED it when there was no "earthly" reason to celebrate.

And I will continue to try and spread that JOY as much as I can.                  

I think that sometimes we feel like there's nothing incredible and amazing in our days worth celebrating!
I remember someone telling me, "What do you have to be so excited about? You're too bright and cheery! Like the sun! It makes me want to pull the blinds down!!!! It's too early in the morning to be happy"
I'll take that as a compliment thank you! ..

We have so many reasons to celebrate!
We don't have to wait for the big celebrations to find joy in our days. We are walking hand in hand with the very ONE who even the WINDS and WAVES obey! We are friends with the ONE who knows NO fault in us too great that he cannot forgive it. In face He's DESPERATE to forgive. Who do YOU say that He is?

How many people can you call a brother and a friend but yet the Lord of all creation! The ONE AND ONLY! Who reveals the glory of the Father to us!
How many can you say sees the most deepest part of our hearts and STILL loves us completely unconditionally without reserve but not only THAT....rejoices in LOVING US!

I take God's breath away! And NOTHING can separate me from the love of Jesus. NOTHING.

We're going to go about our days assuming nothing extraordinary will happen today.
Busy-ness will keep some of us so occupied that we miss the extraordinary. Stress will overwhelm some of us so much that we cannot wait till the end of the day. Loneliness will overtake some of us and we won't even be able to see beyond our sad hearts to the blessings of today.
The secrets of our hearts will distract some of us. The day's obstacles will trip some of us up.
Or we'll reach the end of the day and wonder what it is we actually DID with our day.

But think about that "ONE THING" that Mary had that Martha didn't. What WAS that "ONE THING"? It was a captivated heart that responds to the extraordinary love of God in worship! Because He is captivated with US! 

I hope that in your day you will be able to find the extraordinary things to celebrate!    All we have to do is watch a child to learn the art of celebrating! There IS much to celebrate!
I pray that you have a wonderful day FULL of JOY and celebration!  

If you cannot find something to be thankful for....then you're just not looking hard enough!
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