September 21, 2010

Faith With Expectancy

Faith that can *MOVE* God to DO something on our behalf.

I was reading this morning the passage from Acts 12.....where Peter had been imprisoned.

............. *BUT* vs. 5 says the church got together to pray earnestly for him.
(and I thought it kind of neat and it brought a smile to face to know that in between two soldiers....Peter slept. Yes....he slept. While the church was praying
Peter's mind was at rest and he slept :))

But that's not what I wanted to bring to your attention.
Peter comes to the home of the "believers" who are praying for Peter's release. Praying for Peter's life Praying for divine intervention.
Praying for God to MOVE and do a miracle. That's all they COULD do.

Sweet little exuberant Rhoda goes to the door when Peter knocks. She recognized Peter's voice and immediately she knew their prayers had been answered.
In her excitement however she left him standing outside to share the news with the ones who had been praying. That always makes me smile to think of frantic Peter
standing outside the door WAITING to be let in and Rhoda is so excited to hear his voice she leaves him standing there.
(no doubt terrified that he may be discovered by soldiers standing there.)

She runs back into the house to tell them that their prayers had been answered...with Peter outside...THEY DIDN'T BELIEVE HER..............
Here they are.......praying....."earnestly" for Peter's release and safety.
And yet when God moves on Peter's behalf and answers the cries of their hearts?...................they don't believe it.
They thought for sure dear sweet Rhoda was out of her mind and had seen a ghost.

Were they actually praying believing that God would MOVE?
Were they praying *******WITH EXPECTANCY********* for God to do something GREAT?
If they were.......maybe they might have not been so surprised to find a God who will move Heaven and Earth for His people.
Our prayers reach Heaven and Heaven moves.

They were ASTONISHED. They were earnestly praying for God to do SOMETHING...and yet when He did....they couldn't believe it.
I heard it phrased this way once: "Peter continued knocking until the door was opened, not by angelic hands, as at the prison he had left, but by unbelieving human hands."
(It paints a humorous picture to think of Peter standing outside knocking continuously while everyone inside the house is talking about whether or not it really COULD be Peter)

Are we praying with EXPECTANCY?
Are we praying believing that God could actually do something extraordinary?
Are we praying with boldness? Do we DARE to believe that God would do the impossible? There are stories upon stories of men and women who
put God to the test with an expectant hope that God would actually move on their behalf. If we pray with THAT kind of faith....just IMAGINE...IMAGINE
what He *WILL* do! :)
Psalms 126:3
Our mouths were filled with laughter,
our tongues with songs of joy.
Then it was said among the nations,
"The LORD has done GREAT things for them!"
The LORD HAS done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy!!!!!!!
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