September 21, 2010

Our Eyes are on You!

I am so excited to share this with you because I smiled when I read this and it filled my heart with HOPE! :)

When I had recently written about 2 Chronicles 20, I made mention of Jehosophat's response to the
impending battle that he was to face. His response to what was about to take place spoke to me on so many levels.
One of the many things that stood out to me was that Jehosophat reminded God of what He'd already done for them. (and maybe in that purposefully reassuring himself of God's faithfulness to move on behalf of His people) God had already come through for them once and he had faith in a God who is the same yesterday today and forever.  Irregardless of what they were facing and how things might have looked (he said....we stand no chance against this vast army----we don't know  WHAT to do---but our eyes are on You!) He put his faith in the One who could deliver them.

This morning I was reading over the story of Esther. What an incredible story FULL of hope and destiny, determination and courage. I cannot even begin to touch on how many things God has spoken to me through this woman's life story. But one thing specifically caught my attention this morning that reminded me of Jehosophat's prayer. How he remembered how God had delivered them in the past and how he was confident God would do it again.

In Esther chapter 3 Haman sent out the edict for the Jews to be was the 14th day of the month. (which marks the beginning of passover)
Imagine all of the Jews receiving these documents about what was to become of them (by an order that "CANNOT BE REVOKED-----SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED BY THE KINGS' DECREE") on the very day that they were all sitting around recounting the story of how God brought them out of Egypt.
The fear and terror that gripped their hearts on that day no doubt was indescribable...HOWEVER---if you look at it through God's perspective! :)...and through the grace mercy and relentless love of God....the timing is actually perfect.
These events too were touched by the sovereign hand of God. They have an imminent need on the very day they are remembering and discussing God's past deliverance.

Maybe Haman was reveling in his plan---thinking it was HIS timing that was perfect. But can you see God smiling and agreeing?.....YES...the timing is PERFECT. :)

The story they were recounting that day....the story of God's mercy and deliverance gave those on that day who were WILLING to see it....WILLING to understand it.....WILLING to believe it.......WILLING to trust.....a HOPE in the middle of terrifying news. He who delivered them able to deliver them again!

Remember what God has done for YOU in the past. He has a history with YOU! Remember WHO'S you are. And HOW SO VERY MUCH HE loves you!!!!!
Remember to see things through God's perspective....and His perspective alone. What satan meant for evil......God uses for good.
He has woven so intricately His plans, His purposes and His intentions into EVERY moment of our existence!!!!!!!!!!!!
That should give you HOPE! :)

No weapon formed against you shall prosper! Isaiah 54:17
There's hope in the middle of whatever you are facing! There's ALWAYS a hope! Because every moment of your existence has been touched by the sovereign hand of God Himself!

And just as Jehosophat prayed:
"God we don't know WHAT we are going to do.........but our eyes are on YOU.......the One who can do the IMPOSSIBLE!"
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