September 25, 2010

Peace is a Person and He lives in this Place

There is something so incredibly beautiful about a person who is willing to be transparent, whether it is in their brokenness, or in their strengths, you will always find a genuineness and sincerity about them and in what they have to say.  Through their journeys we are able to catch glimpses of Grace and Truth; and somehow find in their words an encouraging word for our own journeys.  I think God speaks so clearly through people willing to be open and transparent.  There is nothing to hide; for all of it is God's; to do with what He wills.  Their struggles, triumphs, battles, failures, victories, blessings and brokenness; He speaks through it all.  I have found the words of the author of A Holy Experience to be honest and pure; oftentimes even finding my own thoughts beautifully portrayed through hers.

One of her entries in particular spoke more to me than I had even recognized at the time: What a Home Really Is.

"In the day's last light....when the shafts fall heavy on the dusts and the piles....I remember that Home is Holy Ground and Peace is a person and He lives in this place....teaching us the ways of Grace." 

"Home is more than a place where we eat and sleep; it is where we learn Grace, where we glimpse Heaven.  It is where we find or lose God, or perhaps where He finds us....if we will only be still long enough to listen for Him."  ~Somewhere More Holy by Tony Woodlief
   Reading this has led me with even MORE earnest efforts to examine my own home, my life, even my heart; carefully and with great detail; using the Word as my magnifying glass, hoping to find every little thing that cannot be considered Holy and set apart for His design.  I pray sincerely that in my husband, my children and all who enter...............find GOD *here* this home.   To only find His peace here.... to always find His joy......consistently........and find nothing but the Truth.  Peace IS a person....and He lives in THIS place.  May my home be a pure and sacred place for Him to dwell.  May the things I choose to do only cause Him to be ever more present....constantly abiding.  Peace is always present....but may I never dim the light of His peace and presence by my own sin and ignorance; or by trying to do things my own way.  May I always be aware of His presence....aware of His voice...using it as a guide for my every choice, every thought, every 
motive, every intent and how I spend my time.   May MY home be a HOLY experience for my family and anyone who should happen to walk through my doors. 
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