September 21, 2010

SMILE! =-)

For someone who needed to BE on the receiving end of a smile today...I thought I'd share some food for thought with ya'll.
Being someone who could really use a smile today I wasn't about to wait around for someone to bring some joy to ME....the day could be here and gone. The sun would set and I would've done nothing more than think about my own sorry self and did NOTHING to bless a single person around
me if all I did was think about what I needed throughout the day.

BUT when you spend all your efforts and energy into seeing how many people you can many people you can make smile...before you know it there are a half dozen or more people smiling INCLUDING yourself.........
Make it your GOAL to every day TOP how many people you were able to bless each day adding to the numbers!!!!!!! It can be a rather fun game, actually! HAHAHA!
Today in running all of my errands I came to a small store I frequently stop at and the gentleman who owns the shop met me at the door. I smiled my biggest smile and asked him how he was doing today. The smile was returned AND he helped me with my packages!!! hahaha....BONUS! Later on I met a cashier with the most beautiful I told her, "Just wanted you to know that you have a beautiful smile!".....I started to walk away. She stopped me to thank me with an even bigger smile and a heartfelt genuine "thank you".
It takes SECONDS to spread joy...but the effects last much longer and you'll find that it IS contagious. Like skipping stones in the water....and the ripples left behind.

-- Give and it shall be given unto you...The Message says it this way: Give away your life; you'll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity."
So....give away some'll find JOY given back....given back with bonus!!!!!
it's a simple principle set in motion by God that HAS to work. Go ahead....PROVE IT TO BE TRUE!!!!!!! Give a smile...a smile will be given back to you. Spread some will be given back to you.
Good measure....pressed down...shaken together and RUNNING OVER will men give back to YOU!!!!!

HAHA!....running OVER....that's a whole lotta smiling goin on! That's a whole lotta JOY! =-)
I am NOW smiling...but it's NOT because I've been waiting around for someone to bring ME a smile......
Frank Sinatra was onto something....when you're smiling the world DOES smile back at you! And when you're laughing....the sun DOES come shining through............=-)
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