September 21, 2010

WHATEVER it takes........

Are you so desperate for a move of know more of receive something FROM Him, (whatever it is that you may need or are seeking). Desperate to experience Him in ALL of His greatness and glory....hungry/ STARVING to receive all that He has in store for you that you would do whatever it took to be sure that nothing was standing in the way of Him getting to you?

Is your hunger for Him and His word strong enough to arouse something in you that reaches the very depths of who you are and what drives you, what motivates stir something inside of you so much so that you would DARE to ask of Him the impossible....the extraordinary.....the unthinkable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's big enough.I KNOW this.

But if we want God to move in our lives, to do greater things, touch our hearts in deeper's going to require something of US!!! It's going to require effort.....and it's going to require ALL of us....seeking Him with COMPLETE abandon. If we are truly wanting MORE.................then we've GOT to give Him more!!!!!!!! We've got to ASK big, We've got to THINK big. We've got to SEEK His face....drop to our knees and get our faces before Him and seek Him like we never have before! We need to remove anything in our hearts and in our lives hindering Him from getting to US.

What about the woman who was sick her body for years? "IF ONLY.....I can just touch Him." She PUSHED her way through the crowd of people. Her faith was born out of her desperation. She did whatever it took.

What about the man who lay sick on his bed? His friends dropped him through the roof because they couldn't find a way through the door...but they'll make a new way if they have to. They did whatever it took.

What about Nicodemus? A prominent leader among the Jews..a Pharisee...knew there was something more to be learned of this Jesus...and was so desperate to hear what this man had to say that he went out of his way to visit with him. He did whatever it took.

What about Jacob? He wrestled with the angel and said, "I won't let you go until you bless me." He did whatever it took.

Let's not forget the persistent widow. She asked and asked and asked and asked until she got what she was after. Persistent faith. She did whatever it took.

There's an inexhaustible list of stories in the Bible of men and women who with persistent faith and courage did what it took to see God manifest Himself in their lives in some extraordinary ways.

BE determined!Wrestle for it!Fight for it! It is worth fighting for. Do you want it badly enough? He's wanting to do the extraordinary in your life!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't leave that place that you are at with Him until you've received from Him what you are asking! There are some things in life WORTH fighting for...worth your time...worth your effort and energy. Or are you satisfied and content with where you are at?I'm not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want MORE! MORE of Him!! And I want Him to do more with ME!!!!!!!! Now is not the time for complacency or apathy.

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