January 11, 2011

Living Life Coram Deo

Living life.............

*LIFE*.....Morning dawns whether we are ready for it or not.  The sun comes up and pushes us to get out of bed.  Life continues......pushing us to move.  

Life is meant to be lived.  Not endured.
...But with a heavy heart it is a hard thing to move.  Some mornings...the weight is too much.  The sighs become too great.  The tears are too many.  Thoughts are overwhelming.  Questions remain unanswered.  Life's demands are rigorous and begin the moment your feet hit the floor.                                        Sometimes.........It's just too much.

I tiptoe into the kitchen to get my coffee and sit in my chair with my Bible.
I am alone and the house is quiet. 
The sun hasn't yet fully risen.  
My mind feels numb and tired.  
My heart feels heavy.
My sleep was restless. 
I let out a deep sigh and a tear runs down my face.   I just don't know what to say this morning.  How can one's heart be so full and yet feel so empty at the same time?  I can't find the words to pray. I wait in the stillness. 
I sit in the silence and sip my warm coffee.  There is something I missed.  

He is here.  


You can't escape Him.  The Great Shepherd.  Every day restoring our soul to face the new day.  New mercy.  New grace.  NEWNESS of life.  Fresh beginnings.  Every day is new.  

I feel held.  Loved on.  Comforted.  

Jehovah Rohi~The Lord is my Shepherd.
He is speaking to me through His very Words to me............He restores my soul.  
He does so in the stillness...................in the quiet.  Here......Now.   

But He also does so in the business of my day.

When life pushes me to move.

Continuously.   A never ending flow of goodness filling me once again and spilling over........for me to give away.  

I notice a book sitting on my desk next to me.  "Songs of Cheer"  by James Whitcomb Riley.  I open it up to flip through its pages and see it there........
"Let Something Good be Said".

There it is again.

     The bless-ed gift of GRACE.

The day is soon to be upon me.......and I recognize His very presence.
Yes, my gentle shepherd restores my soul.  He leads me.....in the quiet of the morning and restores me.  Because He knows.  He knows me inside and out.  He knows the very secret places of my heart.  He knows every prayer I've whispered.  Every sigh.
Every tear.  He knows to come alongside me and strengthen my heart.  

I will DWELL among them and be their God Exodus 29:45
Be STILL and know....that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Oh, JUST to *KNOW*.....to really KNOW.  To know Him.  To KNOW His heart as He knows mine.

Living life CORAM DEO }{ Living life in the very presence of God Himself. 
               In Him we live and move and have our being.  Acts 17:28

God is here.  The Great I Am...........abiding here.  DWELLING within me.  In my home.  In my family.  A permanent presence.  A presence that never leaves.  We cannot escape Him.  We cannot run from Him.  Because He will chase after us....and take us up into His arms.  Bind up our Wounds.  And restore our soul.  His presence.  Goodness.  Mercy.  Chasing after us all the days of our lives.  Psalm 23:6
                                 Following closely behind.  Every moment.  

Recognizing the very presence of God in this room I am reminded....to let something GOOD be said.  Be GRATEFUL.  Be THANKFUL.   

My cup DOES overflow.  Spilling over with such GOODNESS.  Psalm 23:5
Let something GOOD be said:

Psalm 103:2-5 (Amplified Bible)
Bless (affectionately, gratefully praise) the Lord, O my soul, and forget not [one of] all His benefits--
Who forgives [every one of] all your iniquities, Who heals [each one of] all your diseases, Who redeems your life from the pit and corruption, Who beautifies, dignifies, and crowns you with loving-kindness and tender mercy; Who satisfies your mouth [your necessity and desire at your personal age and situation] with good so that your youth, renewed, is like the eagle's [strong, overcoming, soaring]

                                        Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love,
                                       (OH!  That STEADY love.....His constant presence)
.....  that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. Psalm 90:14

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."

Daily He fills my mouth with a song in my heart......so that throughout my day....all of it can be turned back into praise.  Exalting Him....making His name GREAT in my life. 

Let something GOOD be said.
 Life is GOOD....................because God is Good.
Living Life Coram Deo }{ In the very presence of God Himself.

You are Good-Nichole Nordeman
When the sun starts to rise
And I open my eyes
You are good, so good
In the heat of the day
With each stone that I lay
You are good, so good

With every breath I take in
I'll tell you I'm grateful again
When the moon climbs high
Before each kiss goodnight
You are good

When the road starts to turn
Around each bend I've learned
You are good so good
And when somebody's hand
Holds me up helps me stand
You are so good

With every breath I take in
I'll tell You I'm grateful again
'Cause its more than enough
Just to know I am loved
And You are good

So how can I thank You
What can I bring
What can these poor hands
Lay at the feet of a King
I'll sing You a love song
It's all that I have
To tell You I'm grateful
For holding my life in Your Hands

When it's dark and it's cold
And I can't feel my soul
You are so good
When the world is gone gray
And the rain's here to stay
You are still good

So with every breath I take in
I'll tell You I am grateful again
And the storm my swell
Even then it's well and You are good

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