March 9, 2012

All evidence CAN and WILL be used against you!

The enemy doesn't realize that all that he throws against you only becomes evidence admissible in court (so to speak)......finding him guilty as charged with intent to

*steal*, *kill* and *destroy*.
It brings with it an opportunity to present all the evidence in YOUR favor on behalf of the *King of Kings* 

                                   ......................who is on YOUR side defending YOU, protecting you and making

*ALL* things work for your good!!!!!!! 

Greater is HE that is *FOR* you
than the one who is against you. Take all he comes at you with and be DETERMINED to use it against him. Because you WILL see things turn in YOUR favor. So Stop looking at, dwelling on, and talking about what the enemy is doing and start looking at and talking about what God has already DONE and is ABOUT to do on your behalf! You are giving the devil FAR too much attention and recognition and forgetting the most important thing in YOUR favor!!!!!..................He that is *FOR* you is FAR greater than the one who is against you!!!!! He's powerless against such a GREAT God!!!

....................who is VERY much on YOUR side!!!!!!  

Lift your head and see your Savior and Deliverer! Help is on the way even NOW!!!! In your waiting He is working even still. So turn your cries of complaint against the adversary into cheers of Victory for the One who is on YOUR side!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's already won this ....for YOU!  

Our lives should be a TESTIMONY that God is who He says He is and display evidence to that fact.  
 We are a blessed people and we should act, talk, and LIVE like we are!!!!!!   

The devil might as well pack it UP!
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