March 9, 2012

You're a King's Kid

The devil is a DEFEATED foe!!!!! 

Your life is not hanging in the balance of a tug-of-war against your enemy and your God. GOD has already won this for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! He paid an expensive and extravagant price for your freedom, redemption, deliverance and healing!!!!!!!!
 And yet we live as though we've been defeated.

*HE'S STILL IN CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* He's the BIG dog. ;) *HE* has the last word!!!!!!!!!! The final say. 

There is never anything that comes against you that you won't find Him Greater still!

And what's MORE---He's given YOU the authority over the enemy. Use the authority given to YOU in Jesus' name and send him packin'!!! Put him to flight!!!!! Then walk in the victory that is RIGHTFULLY yours!!!! 

You're a Kings kid walking in Kingdom purposes and under the authority and protective care of the King himself and He's given you that same authority to put the enemy in his place!!!!!!
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