September 26, 2012

Being of SOUND mind

We who enjoy the presence of God ought to display presence of mind.
-Charles Spurgeon. 

He always has been and still remains Faithful. Steadfast. Secure. Immovable. Unshakable. Anything that comes against you has to get through HIM:) He is Peace and if we live and move and have our very being *IN* Him???........then that Perfect Peace will govern our every step and we will not have cause for any anxious thought because He is the SOLID ROCK which we stand on. Let the waves come...and do not fear if you will survive the storm.....He has promised it will not EVER consume you....If you are walking closely with Him as your Father, your Friend, your Provider, your Defender, your Savior, your Healer...and all of those things that He is:) then you will have consistent presence and peace of mind in any situation. Whatever you face you can confidently face knowing He's got your back. He knows things you don't know. Relax and Trust Him. :)
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