November 30, 2012

Life is a Highway.....

Even with a GPS any trip into downtown Atlanta requires at least ONE re-route, ONE U-turn

I am not always good at following the directions and inevitably I will see it blinking,

"Rerouting" and "make a U-turn". If I somehow once again miss THAT turn it ONCE AGAIN re-calculates and says, "Rerouting. Make a U-turn" It will reroute my course no matter how many times I miss the mark. Because my DESTINATION is *LOCKED* in. I know where I'm headed. 

But am I willing to follow the directions to get there? 
And how LONG will it take me to get there? 

It's already mapped out the course. I can look for alternate routes or choose whether or not I will follow the directions. long as I'm willing to follow the directions and pay attention and listen ......................I will get to where I am headed. 

It's a lot like GRACE
As long as you're ready to listen. As soon as you're ready to surrender

......HE will say, "My Grace will lead you all the way....."

 Even Jonah EVENTUALLY made it to Ninevah.
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