February 4, 2013

Give without Hesitation. Love without Reservation.

When we GIVE.....even in lack....even in need.....when we feel we have NOTHING to give.....but give anyway.....God has a way of turning that back around and heaping so much goodness back on you in some surprising ways. I'm not talking JUST dollars and "sense";) Beyond logic. Beyond reason. Giving grace. Forgiveness. Love. Even if your heart and spirit have been broken and you feel you've nothing to GIVE. Even if you've got a need yourself.  Give anyway.  He's a GOOD God and His word never fails. He PROMISED....that if we give away our lives....give of ourselves....freely.....even if it means sowing in tears (Psalm 126)....GIVE  Because on the other side of that:) look what He does....He will turn it back around and bless you in surprising ways...beyond your intentions.....with bonus. Luke 6:38. It becomes all part of your testimony.  That God is who He said He is and He's a GOOD God.  Give without hesitation. Love without reservation. Love freely. Give freely. Forgive quickly.  Let go of offenses. Be GRATEFUL in every moment and in all things.  Live with a big and generous and OPEN heart.....And watch Him be faithful to perform His word through you and for you.  PROVE Him!  I dare ya ;)
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