February 22, 2013

Solving Conflict with a Basin of Water

"I looked for a Bible translation that reads, “Jesus washed all the disciples’ feet except the feet of Judas.” I couldn’t find one.
........Certain conflicts can be resolved only with a basin of water.
Jesus made sure His disciples had no reason to doubt His love."- Max Lucado 

Grace is not mine to decide who to give it to or when. It's just HIS to give through me to WHOMever. Even JUDAS. We are called to make peace. We are called to love. We are called to give. Jesus never withdrew His touch from those who needed it most and deserved it less. He made no distinction between social status, peer groups, political standings, the rich, the poor, the sick or the well. He simply gave unrestrained by opinions or judgments. He simply changed lives with an audacious Grace that never showed differential regard for any one person. Perhaps if we all look beyond ourselves and our need for Grace and begin to pour that same Grace we need onto others we will begin to see a supernatural healing permeate the environment.
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