March 21, 2013

Clinging to PROMISE

The Shummanite woman we read about in 2 Kings 4 experienced both the heights of extreme joy when God gifted her with a son and the gut wrenching grief and despair when what was given to her was snatched from her grasp when he suddenly died.

She did not ASK for a son.  In fact----when Elisha asked her in vs 13 "What can we do for YOU."  She replied, "Nothing.  I am secure and satisfied."   She had need of nothing more than what she already had.  She was at peace.  She was satisfied.

And yet still-------she had not asked for it--------but God blessed her with a son.
When he died I can't even imagine the grief that gripped her heart.  If it was GOD'S gift to her----his PROMISE------HIS BLESSING...............then why this?  It doesn't appear that she spent much time grieving or questioning.  Scripture does not show her response as being angry or shaking her fist at God accusing Him of being unjust.   What it DOES show us-however-is that though she may not have understood why such a thing could have happened-----there was an unrelenting feisty tenacious spirit of hope that was in her very being.  Deep in her spirit something took over---------She could have sat in that room holding her dead son but I imagine her seeing him lying there cold and lifeless.  When what was once ALIVE and full of life was now DEAD and I can hear her say, 'Oh, NO you don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Notice what she does.
She doesn't waste a moment.
She doesn't spend any time with idle thoughts or doubting.
Without hesitation.......with HOPE driving her.
To find the man of God who promised her this gift that was now taken from her.

When Gehazi (Elisha's servant) stops her and asks her if everything was okay.....her response was simply, 'All is well'.  "Everything is all right."

I don't know what she expected when she came face to face with Elisha.  Did she expect him to perform a miracle?    We don't know what she was thinking.
I only notice her response.  What she DID next.

She chased down the man of God----------------------------------when what was PROMISED to her was taken away she went to find him.  "ALL..................shall be.................................WELL." 
I just have to find Elisha.

She hadn't even ASKED for a son----but now that God has GIVEN it to her-----she's not about to give it up without a fight.  

And of course---we go on to read how this precious gift of God, this boy, was brought back to life once again.

This is a story of PROMISE.........FAITH, HOPE and PEACE.
There are times when we just don't understand.  We have no answers.  There's NOTHING we can DO but stand on the Truth of what God has said.  Clinging to what He has promised to us.  With tenacity.  Putting all our hope in the TRUTH of His word.  Refusing to give it up without a fight but RUNNING to Him without doubt or hesitation.

When the very thing that appeared to be DEAD was brought to life again........
What was robbed from her..........was restored to her again.......
I am reminded of that restoration HOPE given to US because of Calvary.

He is Life Himself.
The grave couldn't keep Him.
Death couldn't defeat Him.
Hell couldn't HAVE Him.
He defeated death, hell and the grave.
To the GLORY of God the Father.......................................
That He might be glorified in it all.  All of it.

Whatever seems to be dead---void of all hope and LIFE.........a dream, your heart, your marriage, your finances.....we can remember that which God has promised us. 

John 11:25  I am [Myself] the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in (adheres to, trusts in, and relies on) Me, although he may die, yet he shall live;"

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