March 20, 2013

Forgiveness is Costly

Forgiveness is costly. One of the verses that comes to mind when I think of forgiveness in the face of what might be your greatest disappointment and your deepest hurt....."In doing so you heap burning coals on their head". I used to think that was some malicious, back-door, underhanded, hidden-agenda-way of paying someone back who has (what we perceive as) "unfairly" wronged you. A righteous indignation. But that's what turns servant into martyr. That's what turns forgiveness into something with an ulterior motive----instead of forgiveness just for the sake of forgiveness. ***with no strings attached*** Heaping burning coals on their heads means....surprising them with goodness. (sharing the burning embers from YOUR fire when you're enemy's fire has gone out.)

Forgiveness means....not needing an explanation, an apology, an act of remuneration or any sense of JUSTICE taken place on your behalf. It means letting go of any expectations, resentment, bitterness, ill feelings and all offenses with no promise of it ever being made right. Forgiveness means understanding and GRACE in the face of what might be your deepest hurt. Forgiveness doesn't require your feelings and emotions to agree. Forgiveness requires OBEDIENCE. The FEELINGS will follow your FAITH and obedience when in faith you do what He's required of you. And that is to forgive.

King David said "I can't give to God what costs me nothing" (2 Samuel 24:24) I've thought of that verse many times. On many occasions. For many reasons....sacrifice, giving (not just speaking dollars and cents) is NOTHING if it hasn't cost you something FIRST. Forgiveness at times can cost a great deal when we're the ones who were hurt. It costs us our right to be angry. Our right to hold a grudge. Our right to see justice done on our behalf. Our right to an apology. our right to have the last word. How hard that is!!! So do the hard thing. What you will receive in return is something far greater than what it is you're letting go of.
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