March 20, 2013

Going back to Egypt

It's interesting to me that the Israelites (facing the Red Sea) would have rather hauled it back to Egypt, subject themselves to slavery once again, rather than face change and uncertainty. One roadblock. enormous (*seemingly * insurmountable roadblock) and they are ready to pack it up and go back to the familiar pain and suffering and strongholds and bondages of Egypt. That's what they knew.  But we can see what they couldn't. The whole story from beginning to end. All that they had was a small snapshot. 
Miracles have a way of riding in to save the day. 
Faithful God shows up and shows OFF. He moves in and when it will have its GREATEST impact and He will get the GREATEST glory.....
He ceases silence and in His sovereignty does the unthinkable, unimaginable and makes a way where there IS no way! 

When faced with the impossible we jump to conclusions and allow ourselves to be paralyzed by fear but God is ALWAYS at work. He knows the story from the beginning through to the end. The journey out of Egypt, the way through the dessert, the path through the sea and into the Promised Land. Our job is to listen, TRUST and MOVE. Going BACK to Egypt is not the answer. He's moving you BEYOND yesterday and into TOMORROW. Into PROMISE and BLESSINGS. All we have TODAY and what we face in this moment. But you can TRUST Him in your story. He'll work out in the details. He's the Author and He's already got it all figured out! Psalm 139:16 all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.
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