June 24, 2013

Here's to a New Day

It's a new day!!! New opportunities to see God at WORK!!:) if His mercies are new every morning ---and they are :) and if goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life ---and they DO ....and you have everything you need for living a kingdom purposed life---and you DO....and you are blessed beyond ALL measure-----and you ARE!!!!!!!:)......then you have every reason to expect that TODAY is gonna be a GOOD day!!!

June 10, 2013

Confident Expectation

Hope: confident EXPECTATION pushing you *through* this moment here. Believing with unwavering bulldog tenacity...(being persuaded and refusing to budge from that confidence)....that something greater is on the horizon regardless of how things look or feel.
#GodisGreater #expectGREATthings

We are Going to Change the World

Jesus never asked those 12 men to "count the cost" He didn't say, 'Consider what this will cost you. Weigh the consequences and then decide.'
He just said, 'Follow me. Watch me. Learn from me. Walk with me.
and do as I do.  We are going to change the world
.....it required "no matter the cost commitment"
are you willing?
if so----YOU can change the world.

Get Back to the Basics

Do you want to be influential in the Kingdom of God? In Revelations 2 God puts the spot light on the church in Ephesus.
He says this to them, "I see your business, your hard work, your patient endurance. You haven't fainted or grown weary. But this one thing I have against you. You have abandoned that first love you had for me. [That "no matter the cost" determination to follow me] come back....return ---or i will remove your lampstand from its place among the churches.

Your level of obedience will determine your level of influence.
If you want to be an influential part of the Kingdom---Get back to the basics.
A right heart ..... in right relationship with God. Being busy DOING isn't going to increase your level of influence. It's in relationship with the Father that He shines the light on our testimony and brings the increase to your service.

In vs. 26 it says "He who obeys--I will give authority and power over nations"

If you want to move with God. In the flow of His anointing and in His blessings. If you want your works to be backed with POWER .... then Get back to the basics.
Be people of CONVICTION and refuse to budge from them. Draw lines in the sand that you just will NOT cross. Get back to what it was like when you FIRST believed. when you first came to know Him....and be in RIGHT relationship with God. So HE can use you to influence and advance the KINGDOM. Then your works will be marked with HIS favor and HIS anointing and you will be far more influential than if you tried to do it without.

June 8, 2013

Stir up your Faith

Beyond all feelings. Beyond all emotions. Beyond what all else *LOOKS* like....stir up your faith and move FORWARD in FAITH and your feelings will follow as God HONORS your FAITH. (Even if they lag farther behind sometimes ;)) Believe beyond every shadow of reasonable doubt regardless of what you see, feel, hear or SEE. Stand on the integrity of His word and know that He WILL do it and accomplish His word on YOUR behalf for HIS glory.

Only What's Done for Christ will Last

Hanging over my mother's washing machine for years was a wooden plaque:

Only one life will soon be past,
one what's done for christ will last.
for me to live is christ.

I remember those words still....because I read them every time I passed the washing machine. They ring so much more TRUE for me now.

EVERY purpose we have in this life unless it's made with KINGDOM purpose .... is in vain.

Surrounded by a world that's striving .... we were made for more than THIS. Clock in clock out. Rise with the sun and go to bed with NOTHING to show for it. Live on PURPOSE so that what you DO has ETERNAL value and that what you leave behind has an IMPACT on the KINGDOM.

It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the OVERALL PURPOSE he is working out in everything and everyone. Ephesians 1:11-12


“There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.” — Ralph H. Blum
I was going through my husband's journal. In it was his list of #athousandgifts. I had never seen his list before that day. Finding it and reading them on THIS side of things I appreciated it all the more. He journaled every moment of gratitude from the smallest to the greatest. #the sun is shining. #my wife's pancakes #my garden #vacation with my wife's family #swimming with my kids #playing a game of monopoly with the kids #being able to pay the bills today. #my wife's smile. #lunch with a friend today. #time spent reading the word #worship......(and so on)
We had started these lists in September of 2010. What I didn't realize is that my husband kept a running list beyond the rest of us.
He struggled those last 3 years --- not understanding so many things about the season we found ourselves in. But I saw him stir up his faith as the days went on. He GAVE more. Not just financially. Of HIMSELF. He rallied himself day after day and I watched him GROW in character, in faith, in love, in friendship, in hope and in JOY. There was this CALMNESS he had in spite of growing quite discouraged. WHY? Because there is JOY in a life lived in gratitude. He ENJOYED life. He ENJOYED his family. He had a PASSION for the WORD and for God. It gave him a stability and sure foundation to stand on when the rest of the world was so unsteady underneath his feet. BE GRATEFUL. in *ALL* things. COUNT your blessings. Name them ONE*BY*ONE*....it might surprise you what GOD has done for you all along.....in *EVERY* moment. There are a thousand GIFTS stored up for you in *THIS* day alone. REJOICE in this day and all of its moments. In THIS you will find contentment.

NONE of these things move me....

.....but *NONE* of these things MOVE me.....that I may finish my course with JOY. Acts 20:24
Be DETERMINED. Be PERSUADED. Be IMMOVABLE. Be DILIGENT. Be CONFIDENT. Refuse to BUDGE from your CONVICTIONS. Hold FAST to the WORD of God. RESOLVE to STAND on His Promises......and you will finish STRONG.

Stay Connected

How can you hear the voice of God in the face of your greatest tragedy? Your greatest disappointment? To be in CONSTANT communion with the Father. To walk continually after the spirit. In *EVERY* moment. Purpose in your heart to KNOW Him. Really KNOW Him. His heart for YOU, His character. His WORD. His VOICE. He is ALWAYS speaking. ALWAYS at work. ALWAYS in the midst of EVERY moment. But if you're not listening and you haven't taken the time to learn His voice then you'll miss it. There is something SUPERNATURAL that happens when we hear God's voice to US. The revelations He gives us are designed to KEEP us, SUSTAIN us and SET us FREE to walk into His blessings, His perfect will for our lives. He's already GOT our steps ordered. We need only to walk in them. But if we're not listening. If we're not taking the time to fellowship with the Father we'll miss out on some great revelation. He's always speaking....in *EVERY* moment. Take the time to get to know Him and you won't miss His voice when He does.