June 8, 2013


“There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.” — Ralph H. Blum
I was going through my husband's journal. In it was his list of #athousandgifts. I had never seen his list before that day. Finding it and reading them on THIS side of things I appreciated it all the more. He journaled every moment of gratitude from the smallest to the greatest. #the sun is shining. #my wife's pancakes #my garden #vacation with my wife's family #swimming with my kids #playing a game of monopoly with the kids #being able to pay the bills today. #my wife's smile. #lunch with a friend today. #time spent reading the word #worship......(and so on)
We had started these lists in September of 2010. What I didn't realize is that my husband kept a running list beyond the rest of us.
He struggled those last 3 years --- not understanding so many things about the season we found ourselves in. But I saw him stir up his faith as the days went on. He GAVE more. Not just financially. Of HIMSELF. He rallied himself day after day and I watched him GROW in character, in faith, in love, in friendship, in hope and in JOY. There was this CALMNESS he had in spite of growing quite discouraged. WHY? Because there is JOY in a life lived in gratitude. He ENJOYED life. He ENJOYED his family. He had a PASSION for the WORD and for God. It gave him a stability and sure foundation to stand on when the rest of the world was so unsteady underneath his feet. BE GRATEFUL. in *ALL* things. COUNT your blessings. Name them ONE*BY*ONE*....it might surprise you what GOD has done for you all along.....in *EVERY* moment. There are a thousand GIFTS stored up for you in *THIS* day alone. REJOICE in this day and all of its moments. In THIS you will find contentment.
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