June 8, 2013

Stay Connected

How can you hear the voice of God in the face of your greatest tragedy? Your greatest disappointment? To be in CONSTANT communion with the Father. To walk continually after the spirit. In *EVERY* moment. Purpose in your heart to KNOW Him. Really KNOW Him. His heart for YOU, His character. His WORD. His VOICE. He is ALWAYS speaking. ALWAYS at work. ALWAYS in the midst of EVERY moment. But if you're not listening and you haven't taken the time to learn His voice then you'll miss it. There is something SUPERNATURAL that happens when we hear God's voice to US. The revelations He gives us are designed to KEEP us, SUSTAIN us and SET us FREE to walk into His blessings, His perfect will for our lives. He's already GOT our steps ordered. We need only to walk in them. But if we're not listening. If we're not taking the time to fellowship with the Father we'll miss out on some great revelation. He's always speaking....in *EVERY* moment. Take the time to get to know Him and you won't miss His voice when He does.
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