October 6, 2013

Being Influential People

Do you want to be influential in the Kingdom of God? In Revelations 2 God puts the spot light on the church in Ephesus.
He says this to them, "I see your business, your hard work, your patient endurance. You haven't fainted or grown weary. But this one thing I have against you. You have abandoned that first love you had for me.
 [That "no matter the cost" determination to follow me]
come back..
..return ---or i will remove your lampstand from its place among the churches.

Your level of obedience will determine your level of influence.

If you want to be an influential part of the Kingdom---Get back to the basics.
A right heart ..... in right relationship with God. Being busy DOING isn't going to increase your level of influence. It's in relationship with the Father that He shines the light on our testimony and brings the increase to your service.

In vs. 26 it says "He who obeys--I will give authority and power over nations"

If you want to move with God. In the flow of His anointing and in His blessings. If you want your works to be backed with POWER .... then Get back to the basics.
Be people of CONVICTION and refuse to budge from them. Draw lines in the sand that you just will NOT cross. Get back to what it was like when you FIRST believed. when you first came to know Him....and be in RIGHT relationship with God. So HE can use you to influence and advance the KINGDOM. Then your works will be marked with HIS favor and HIS anointing and you will be far more influential than if you tried to do it without
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