October 26, 2013

God's Love Language

We all have a love language. It's been said there are 5.
Words of affirmation. Gifts. Touch. Quality time. and Acts of Service. 

I think somewhere over the last 37 years of life I've learned I need them all! 
God however operates on a whole different scale.
His love language? OBEDIENCE.
All of our extravagant acts of worship and sacrificial offerings are meaningless without a heart that is willing to LISTEN and OBEY.  

All of our MEANINGFUL worship can only flow from an obedient heart......

Jesus was obedient all the way to the CROSS.  His WILL was the will of the FATHER'S --- no matter the COST.
THAT'S a language he can understand and that satisfies His heart? When we do that....we TOO are satisfied!!!!
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