October 29, 2013

Hope Doesn't Disappoint

Psalm 25:3 Those who HOPE in HIM will NOT be put to shame.
I look back over the last few years. On paper there is no *earthly* way we could have ever made ends meet. We made a BOLD move to send our kids to the Christian school the very same year my husband became unemployed. Our decision was backed by the very HOPE that if God called us to it.....HE will make a way. Even against reason and logic from others who said we could never pull it off. He's not confined to move within OUR methods and with OUR means. We've not missed a single bill and our EVERY need has been met. Exceedingly and abundantly BEYOND what we could have ever asked or imagined. SO much so that even in OUR need...in our lack.....there was still provision for us to continue giving. There was provision to give. Beyond our OWN needs. I put ALL my confidence and HOPE in a God who is EVER faithful and TRUE to His WORD and have seen Him work on my behalf in some amazing ways. HOPE doesn't disappoint when you HOPE in His promises and His word. No matter what it LOOKS like. His PROMISES are a SURE thing. You can stake a CLAIM in it. Take it to the BANK and COUNT on it. He will come through EVERY time. That's MY God and I'm *HIS* kid.
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