October 29, 2013

There is LIFE in the Word of God

GOD.....breathed LIFE into darkness with His......WORD.
His WORD is ALIVE. (Hebrews 12) He SPOKE things into EXISTENCE with the power of His word.
Jesus healed the SICK with the POWER of His word. He rebuked Satan with the power and AUTHORITY of His word.
There is LIFE in the Word of God and there is POWER. 
If His word is packed with so much power and life and goodness then I think
it would serve us well to speak it. His words can breathe LIFE into the most hopeless and darkest of moments with HOPE and PEACE and FAITH.
The other day I was in need of peace. My heart was heavy and anxious and I needed to hear from Him desperately. He took me to a particular passage of scripture and I began to read it....slowly....and out LOUD. Before long my anxious thoughts were replaced with peace. My confusion replaced with clarity. My heavy heart was replaced with praise and JOY when I saw what His word did for me in that moment. I don't know why I was surprised. As if God would withhold wisdom from those who ask. Or peace for those with an anxious heart. His word from cover to cover is FULL of life. In every account, every story we can see the heart of God....for those in its pages and for US. There is NO other place you need to go. There is nothing so broken, nothing so far gone that the LIFE and POWER of His word cannot reach it.
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