December 17, 2013

It's All in Your Perspective.....

I truly believe:
that no matter how great life's disappointments are, no matter how deep the heartache, no matter how grave the mistakes, no matter how difficult the circumstance....if you are ANCHORED in the Truth of God's will find HOPE and PEACE. 

If your perspective is governed by TRUTH then you will begin to see things from HIS perspective.
                       TRUST Him.
                              TRUST His word.

He has a flawless track record and has your BEST interests at the very center of His heart. Even in the heartache.....He's looking ahead. He's laid up GOOD things for you and if you'll *WAIT* on'll begin to see things through HIS eyes. While He understands your grief....while He understands your heartache.....He sees things you cannot. He understands things you do not. He's already two steps ahead.....and hasn't abandoned you. TRUST. HIM. Trust His Word. Trust Him with your yesterday. Your today. Your tomorrow. Your heartaches and tears. Your hopes and dreams. Your struggles and mistakes. You'll leave them in NO better hands than the ONE who created you and purposed GREAT things for YOU.
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