January 27, 2014

Praise will Elevate your FAITH!

*PRAISE* will elevate your FAITH! 

Be careful not to let your CIRCUMSTANCES and DISAPPOINTMENTS speak LOUDER than your PRAISE.

Paul and Silas *PRAISED* the Lord while they were imprisoned *NOT* because they were NAIVE about their circumstances and ignorant of the situation they found themselves in.

They were very much aware of the persecution and the hatred that PUT them there.  Unforgiveness, anger and fear could have kept them from experiencing the PRESENCE OF GOD in that prison cell.....
 but they could reach deep within their beings and PRAISE *BECAUSE* they KNEW God was GREATER than any circumstance. Any trial. What*EVER* they faced. Their God was GREATER.

See? They had a HISTORY with Him and 

******NOTHING could shake them from their CONFIDENCE in God*****.
They'd seen Him at work. They'd SEEN Him calm the storm. They had SEEN the resurrected Jesus. There was NOTHING that was too great for their God. Whether or not God was going to deliver them from that prison cell...they knew their FAITH was in the ONE who called them. NOT in their circumstances!!!!

I *KNOW* in whom I have believed and I am persuaded that He will KEEP that which I've committed unto Him..... 2 Timothy 1:12

Be IMMOVABLE, UNSHAKABLE, UNBREAKABLE. CONFIDENT in the ONE who has called you! And when you find yourself in unfavorable circumstances-----PRAISE Him!
Your FAITH will rise to the occasion!......and there's no telling *WHAT* He will DO! NOTHING is impossible with GOD!!!!!!!!
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