February 18, 2014

He can be TRUSTED

There are just some messes that seem too big for Grace. Some heartache that you just can't find the faith to believe for. By our own hand we've made a mess of things and now are afraid to show God our hand. Afraid of what He might think.
I know I've been there.   I didn't know how God could possibly fix this for me. 
And one day.......for ME?  It all came down to ONE question,

I heard Him say to me....."Do you TRUST me?" 

I know He can be trusted.  All that Jesus endured....for ME?  He was saying to ME, "I can be trusted."  He was saying that to YOU. 
I have learned that  the ONLY way He can redeem your mess is to lay it *ALL* on the table. Whatever is in your hand.  No matter how GREAT the grief, how big the mess,.....
If there is no fear in love...and His love is a perfect love.....then wouldn't it stand to reason that He would NEVER turn away an honest and contrite heart????                                                  He can handle it.
He bore GREATER things.  For YOU. 
Give your  mess to Him.  He is waiting for you.  Not to embarrass you, call you out or point a finger.  He left that to the Pharisees but in your defense silenced EVERY accuser and said, "Then neither do I condemn you." 
His work is RESTORATION and REDEMPTION......and there's only HOPE and GOOD things for those who are willing to lay it all on the table and TRUST Him.
Trust Him with your mess. 

It's an AMAZING Grace.
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