February 9, 2014

I have learned.........

This refining.  Perfecting.  Being made more and more like HIM?  It hurts......

It hurts because it requires CHANGE. 
It requires you to say those words, "I was WRONG."  "I need HELP."  It requires vulnerability and a willingness to SUBMIT to whatEVER the LORD is doing no matter what the cost. 

He's sovereign.....and He's always up to SOMEthing. 

To *EVERY*thing there is a SEASON and a PURPOSE for it.  Ecclesiastes 3

Whatever the season may be----in it there is PURPOSE

A time to die.  A time to laugh.  A time to grow.  A time for planting and a time for harvesting.  A time to be silent.  A time to raise the roof and PRAISE.  A time to grieve.  A time to mourn.  A time to repent.  A time to LIVE.  A time for discipline and correction. 

On the flip side of all of it all?  -------
                                                    You'll find *CHANGE*.  
It's inevitable.  Your environment is changed.  The people around you are changed.  And YOU.....are changed.  If we are submitted to the will and purposes of GOD?  We will be made more like Him through every season of change.  He is always perfecting.  Sustaining us.  Refining us.  Bringing us into GREAT things. 

PERSPECTIVE is a *GIFT* ..... for when we see things through HIS eyes we can be GRATEFUL for the process.  Yes......I said *GRATEFUL*. 
Even in your darkest moments.
If He has your best interest and His *NAME'S* sake on the line......don't you think His purposes are going to be for YOUR good and HIS glory? 

I have *learned*--------
through the testing of my faith.  Through the moments that I THOUGHT were unfair and unjust.  Through the grief.  Through the moments of DOUBT.  Through the betrayals.  Through the LOSS.  Through the sorrow and the grief.  Through the process of confronting my own sin and the grief that comes from DYING to self.  Through the JOYS.  The moments of rest and PEACE.  Through turbulent, unsure WATERS. Through times of NEED.  Through those times when my faith was GREAT and those moments when I was trembling like a little girl.  Through times of GROWTH and times of EMPTINESSThrough my darkest moments......
I have *LEARNED* to be content.  Satisfied.  At rest.  At peace.  Philippians 4:11

Because.....I am submitted to the will of GOD.  And I *KNOW* that He will protect, perfect and sustain me through even my GREATEST challenges and trials.  Being content doesn't come naturally. 
We kick.  We scream.  We wail and cry.  We fight against CHANGE and HEARTACHE and wish for peace for every moment.  But if we are submitted to the purposes of our Heavenly Father who LOVES us relentlessly.....we can see it.  With EVERY new season.  Every new challenge.  A PURPOSE.  And we can LEARN to be GRATEFUL.  CONTENT.  At rest.  And know on the flip side........we will be changed.  If GOD is doing it?  It's GOT to be GOOD!  He works it ALL out to our GOOD and His GLORY!  And if it makes me look MORE like HIM and less like ME?  I'm *ALL* in! 

Change?  ...................  bring it ON.

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