March 6, 2014

Can these Bones Live?

A valley of dry bones.
That's where we sometimes find ourselves in various seasons of our lives. At one point we look across a vast expanse and all we see is death. Loss of hope. Devastation. Disappointments. A wasteland of empty promises and unfulfilled dreams. I've been in those places. I've never felt more helpless. I felt I've been stripped of everything I thought I knew and everything I clung to.
But it is also in those places that I came to the end of ME and looked out over the mess and saw not a place of hopelessness but a place where my life ends and His life begins.
only GOD can breathe life into a pile of bones and resurrect what's dead. Void of hope. Void of life. Empty. And bring it back to life again. We find ourselves in these places where

                                                         ------ONLY GOD------
And this is the hope we have: to surrender and let resurrection LIFE work on our behalf.
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