March 14, 2014

Leave the Suitcase Behind

Jesus said, "come. Follow me."
What we don't recognize is to "come".......we have to "leave"
Leave the past in the past.
Let go of insecurities.
Drop your mistakes and your failures at the foot of the cross. 
He said, "behold. I make ALL things new!!!"
That includes a new YOU. A new heart. A new life.
Filled with promise and HOPE. JOY and peace.
Even if it's all you've ever can't STAY and COME at the same time. To jump in with both feet you've got to abandon all those things which He's calling you from.
No need to make the best of it.
He's got a better offer in mind. Trading up.
Your sorrows for joy.
Your despair for praise.
Your brokenness for healing and life.
Your sins for redemption.
Your striving and restlessness for peace.
No need for suitcases. You won't have need of any of it.
It's a brand new day. And you're headed brand new places!!!

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